One of the most unique and critical feature of Cloud is it’s “Elasticity”. The very nature of SaaS applications being delivered over cloud (internet) enforces a natural requirement for these applications to be elastic as well in order to leverage the cloud benefits. However, one of the common myths in SaaS is Cloud will take care of scalability and application need not worry about it. Many SaaS providers realize this when their applications are put for a true scalability test – which can span across all the layers of your application. While the cloud facilitates elasticity the application should have been architected to make use of it. In this webinar we are going focus on the best practices involved in building a true scalable SaaS application.

Key Takeaways:

  • Scalability considerations in a layered architecture
  • Scalability design patterns
  • Techniques for database scalability
  • Balancing cost vs. scalability in AWS cloud
  • Key services in AWS for SaaS applications to leverage scalability

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