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 Digital services are no longer a value-added service but a necessity for all service providers including insurers. Customers now value their time and effort more than ever, and to survive the digital battlefield that ensues, you have to find the perfect balance between offering the quickest, most convenient, and most cost-effective insurance plan for them. A well-engineered insurance digital transformation can help you hit this trifecta most effectively. 

One tip that industry insiders repeatedly mention for a smooth insurance company digital transformation is that the process is as important as the technological tools in play. This essentially makes digital transformations multi-pronged. Paying attention to the process means changing your organization’s workflow, priorities, and business processes to work with the digitally transformed avatar you are aiming for. For insurers with a very rich history and a complex mix of legacy systems, shaking up their business processes may seem tedious, intrusive, and an unnecessary risk. But unless you adapt to suit the new digital ways, the transformation will simply be a wasted effort is the opinion. 

Keep the following factors in mind on your insurance digital transformation journey. 

 1) Automation is your friend  

Automate repetitive and mandatory processes such as underwriting, claims management, billing, and customer engagements for quote & buy. Automating these standard processes will serve customers at lightning speed, which translates to higher customer satisfaction and retention. Automating crucial steps such as underwriting will save you a lot of resources and time, all while offering the added accuracy of automation. Automated claims management cuts a lot of the paperwork and processing delays. Automating customer engagements with features such as chatbots that can instantly clarify FAQs of customers while buying policies can save the customer much hassle and leave a positive business experience. The time, hassle saved by the customers and partners due to the quick automated processes will make it a pleasure for them to have business with you.  

2) Use new tech to play to your strengths 

Playing to your strengths is business basics, but focusing on your strength is a bit more while going digital because, that’s what will still set you apart from your competitors who are most likely going digital too. Your speciality could be your array of products, high claim success rate, or legacy of excellent customer service. Come up with new solutions to retain the speciality tag with your all-new digital business model by tailoring the transformation to offer superior services in these areas. 

3) Get used to data-driven business  

AI and predictive analytics are the hottest tech & tools that can help optimize your business to its best and data is crucial for it. With digital transformation, your business will go on to rely heavily on data for continuous innovation. Continuous innovation basically defines how your business evolves in the ever-changing market and various insurance industry transformations. Tailored, actionable insights offered by some digital transformation solutions will help you with it. These insights are typically derived from AI observing patterns in your existing data pools. The superior customer data management and processing that comes with digital transformations make sure the insights are relevant to changing customer behavior.  

These are merely points to remember during your insurance digital transformation journey. Being aware of these while adopting your insurance digital platform empowers you to use tech to your advantage and to stay on top of the game. insurance digital transformation
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