Customize your insurance digital transformation with ACIA

Digital transformation is becoming increasingly inevitable and every business is being forced to constantly reinvent itself. Embracing the need, most companies including insurance firms have invested a significant amount of money in insurance digital experiences. But are they all doing it right?

According to the Harvard Business Review, digital transformation investments are set to top $6.8 trillion by 2023. Most investments, however, are often made without a clear view of the goals or return of investment (ROI). Insurance digital transformation is much more complicated than buying top-notch technologies.

Key areas for insurance digital transformation are: Technology, data, organizational change capacity and talent to support it.

Underestimating these various stages involved often leads to shortcomings in lack of results. Well-tailored digital solutions such as Aspire’s ACIA can help you get past these bumps.

ACIA – Aspire Connect Insurance Accelerator – is a ready-to-use digital solution for insurance firms that automates core business functionalities.

OX upsides if you’re a digital insurance company adopting ACIA

  • Go digital in just 60 days
  • Onboard customers in less than 5 minutes
  • Cut operational costs by 33%
  • Enjoy 60% higher productivity on digital solutions

ACIA is a self-service portal with an intuitive user interface framework, offers data enrichment and simplifies workflow.

ACIA also brings these key CX takeaways

  • Instant online quote generation – Takes 1 minute
  • Smart data capture helps accurate, secure handling of crucial customer data
  • Online claims registration
  • Complete chatbot & voice bot assistance for customer’s convenience
  • Customer preference insights

The automated processes and assisted underwriting make customer onboarding super quick and smooth. These are some sure-shot functions to increase your customer satisfaction and retention rates. ACIA also has room for marketing automation and analytics. The features together will help enhance the overall insurance digital experience.

So, if you’re a digital insurance company looking for a hassle-free digital transformation journey, ACIA is the No. 1 choice.

Still not sure? Our ACIA demo might give some clarity. Book it here.