Traditional manual underwriting methods in insurance are slowly fading away and are seen as time-consuming due to mountains of paperwork and long processes. With no time to spare on mundane tasks, insurers are seeking innovative solutions to streamline operations and enhance efficiency. 

But fear not, for there’s a game-changer on the horizon: an automated underwriting framework powered by a real-time rule-based decision engine, that can automate ~90% of your underwriting process. It’s a cloud-deployable in-house framework called InsurEdge. 

Underwriting automation offers a swift, streamlined solution to overcome the challenges of manual processes while bringing in the benefits of smart decisions. While several options exist for automation in insurance underwriting, a unified framework such as InsurEdge is your best bet for seamless automation and maximum ROI. Let’s see why. 

InsurEdge is not just automating insurance underwriting but setting the stage for a paradigm shift towards better efficiency. 

Streamlining operations with InsurEdge 

  • Manual risk assessments: Traditional underwriting involves manual assessment of risks, which is not only time-consuming but also prone to errors. InsurEdge is a rules-based application that automates this process, improving accuracy by eliminating manual intervention, thus reducing errors and mitigating the insurer’s financial risk. 
  • Delays in processing: Manual underwriting processes often result in significant delays in applications processing. InsurEdge transforms this aspect by automating up to 90% of the underwriting process. With streamlined workflows and automated decision-making, it enables insurers to make quicker underwriting decisions and provide faster responses to policy buyers. 
  • High operational costs: Manual underwriting is not just time-consuming but also expensive. The extensive paperwork, manual data entry, and prolonged processing times contribute to soaring operational costs for insurers. InsurEdge mitigates this challenge by reducing the need for manual intervention, optimizing workflows and streamlining operations. This cuts operational costs significantly. 
  • Inefficient resource utilization: Manual underwriting requires many human resources to handle tasks such as data entry, document verification, and risk assessment. This often leads to inefficient resource utilization and bottlenecks in the underwriting workflow. With InsurEdge, insurers can optimize resource allocation by reallocating human resources to more strategic tasks while automating routine processes. This not only improves operational efficiency but also enhances employee productivity and morale.  

Let’s see the key features of InsurEdge. 

Core highlights of InsurEdge 

  • Real-time decisions for quicker processes 
  • Reduced manual underwriting errors for optimal performance 
  • User-friendly interface for seamless user UX 
  • API-based services for seamless integration, communication 
  • Superior compliance & processes with audit-trails 
  • Revenue boost from insights, cross-selling opportunities 

InsurEdge is a unified, cloud-deployable insurance underwriting automation framework that leverages the above features to automate ~90% of your underwriting and makes the whole process smooth, seamless, and transformative.  

By automating manual processes and reducing errors, InsurEdge streamlines operations and enhances profitability for insurers. Discover how much you stand to gain by automating most of your underwriting process today!