Customer service remains the backbone of the insurance industry despite the ground-breaking changes that disrupt the industry time and again. From the time one had to go door-to-door selling/ availing insurance policies to buying policies online in under a minute, most other things about the insurance business have, however, changed.  

Customers now expect any issues they may face to be resolved in real-time and seek support to get quotes, raise claims to be quick too. People no longer want to visit insurance offices and want their insurance providers to be omnipresent. This means the support you have to provide must be omnipresent too – meaning you need a strong IT and an application managed services partner.  

A large insurer having a presence in 60 countries and serving 90 million customers worldwide had trouble in handling the high volumes of tickets the business brought along. This in no time led to increased onshore workload, slower support response time, higher operational costs and reduced resources to focus on maintenance support. These factors, within a short span of time, could have adversely affected customer satisfaction and retention. The insurer, however, was smart enough to see this coming and approached Aspire Systems to help out as an offshore Guidewire managed services provider. 

What our client needed was application support in their cloud operations and testing services. A team of 20 Guidewire Insurance Suite specialists with wide knowledge about the insurance domain from Aspire Systems held consultations with the client for about a month.  

After extensive discussions with the support team, Aspire Systems triggered an initial response (L1/L2) support and provided technical support (L3) for their cloud services. This helped continuously monitor the application and services so they could readily address when alerts were raised. The requests were also well routed to avoid possible delays between support levels and automation helped provide instant solutions and fixes to repeated requests raised by the customer. Moreover, the provisioning of AWS environments guaranteed standardization and eased the process of maintenance while enforcing any security-related constraints.  

  • Aspire’s team has handled 1500+ customer support cases and 1300+ product backlog defects have been tested till date.  
  • Our client requested that our team strength be multiplied 3 times to further expedite the support response. 
  • With the introduction of AI capabilities in our application managed services, our clients have enjoyed the luxury of predicting ticket velocity for the upcoming days or even months. 

Benefits of Guidewire managed services: 

The client saw tremendous results with us as their new Guidewire managed services partner. Some benefits were: 

  • Reduction in overall regression time by more than 70% by using a hybrid approach with Test automation.  
  • 80% of the customer support cases resolved at the L2 level due to the strong Application and functional knowledge of the team. This gives faster resolution to customer’s issues.  
  • Increase in overall case resolution by 20% 

As a sign of merit for our demonstrated expertise, Guidewire Software has made Aspire Systems its Consulting Select Partner.

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