Aspire System’s work with a leading insurer, offering best-in-class digital transformation, earned us a place at the 2021 ISG Digital Case Study Awards. Read on to know more about how we made our case to ISG and won the merit among nearly 250 submissions from 39 service providers.

Our client, a leading insurer with a wide web of customers and top-notch services to offer, struggled to keep up with the demands due to legacy systems and outdated software solutions. Insurance legacy systems might seem comfortable and reliable on the surface but carry serious security risks. They are inefficient and lack the ability to provide business insights to keep up with customer demands and industry trends.

With insurers the world-over stepping up their digital game, the client’s legacy systems did not have the capabilities to integrate with their customer portals and custom software platforms. And this gap in the system cost the client around 30% of online customers every year.

To capture the nuances of the situation and the business pain points, Aspire Systems met with multiple stakeholders and learnt that the situation called for individual focus on various business processes and a custom approach. The solution was to get the client a fully tailored partner portal.

With our past engineering experiences and insurance domain expertise, various approaches were systemically evaluated. Once a way forward was finalized and a roadmap put in place, apt technologies for front-end and back-end development were used to re-platform the existing legacy system.

Aspire Systems offered the client an insurance analytics solution with highly-customizable portals to help work smoothly with its different business partners. The solution was engineered based on Microservices and APIs, making future upgrades and changes a cakewalk. It made workflow and end-to-end data sharing smooth within the client’s ecosystem of customers, partners, employees and internal business systems. The icing on the cake was that the client’s digital transformation was quick and the new platform was 1,000 times faster than the legacy system. Partner onboarding took hours rather than days and millions of data records were validated in less than a minute.

ISG termed the solution to be a stand-out example for digital transformation. The insurer has since grown to have a stronger network of around 200 partners and better customer experiences. We continue to work with the client as their preferred partner for digital product innovation.

The ISG Digital Case Study Awards weigh digital transformation projects from scratch to finish, looking for the objectives, solutions and outcomes achieved, through the projects. Technology and service providers from around the world turn in their case studies, which are then validated and reviewed by ISG’s committee of experts in digital research. Projects with the most tangible impact on business and unique solutions make the cut.

You can find the specifics of the award-winning digital solution here.