Insurance providers all over the world are making sizable investments in digital transformation technologies. One of the integral parts of the journey is their ability to not only launch new products – but to do so while offering more convenience, innovation, and speed to their customers. With the industry evolving at an unprecedented pace, software test automation emerges as a clear competitive differentiator.

After all, today’s customers know what they want and demand rapid, dependable service tailored to their specific needs.  Whether they are looking to find out the best rate, make a payment, or check the latest claims update, there is a growing need for hyper-personalization. Plus, the huge demand for location-based services and web/mobile apps has put pressure on insurance providers to take their products faster and more meaningfully to customers.

Testing automation makes sure the performance of their customer-facing insurance applications is no longer a bottleneck that consumes a lot of effort, money, and time. It also eliminates those pesky bugs that get in the way and lead to user dissatisfaction.

How test automation improves insurance experiences

While manual testing is time-consuming, automation may make the process more consistent, quicker, and uniform, reducing expenses and testing efforts while increasing ROI. More importantly, it directly impacts the customer satisfaction level in the end-to-end insurance journey. One of the focus areas of test automation is to ensure that the customer-facing application performs at the expected level – free of human errors that may have inhibited its quality during the testing process.

Since test automation provides reusable frameworks, any discovery of future bugs/defects and weak spots helps avoid bad customer experiences in the future, as well. Other advantages of test automation include:

  • Facilitates faster time-to-market for apps and websites that empower customers to easily access and manage their policies
  • Checks for compatibility with the newer versions when the software is updated – without leaving it in the hands of users to find out
  • Intelligently manages the policy lifecycle and provides convenience to the customer during every step of the journey
  • Avoid faulty test-cases that may affect insurance experiences when exposed to new scenarios
  • Safeguards the customer’s personal data from malware or ransomware attacks
  • Increases workforce efficiency so that employees can focus on adding more strategic value for the customer
  • Creates value for multiple stakeholders – strengthens brand reputation and improves customer retention


How Guidewire InsuranceSuite meets modern user demands

Today, Guidewire InsuranceSuite has risen to many of the insurance industry’s challenges, such as lack of data-sensitive standards and time-sensitive processes, along with poor integration frameworks. Ultimately, they have all lead to customer dissatisfaction.

With Guidewire’s all-encompassing InsuranceSuite, insurance providers can deliver enhanced user experiences. It empowers insurance businesses, agents, and customers to react smartly to changing market conditions by offering cutting-edge digital engineering techniques. But this would entail high standards of automated testing – as well as the right set of accelerators that lead to smooth implementation and hassle-free integration into your existing applications and systems.

Now, if insurance providers want to keep the Guidewire testing process in-house, they require a highly-trained workforce and world-class testing tools, not to mention –big budgets. With a strategic test automation partner, you can amplify your Guidewire capabilities to create outstanding insurance experiences.

Harnessing Aspire’s test automation expertise

As a trusted Guidewire adviser, Aspire Systems deliver end-to-end test automation services that can help seamlessly bring new high-quality insurance products and solutions to the market. Our Guidewire QA and testing services are powered by cyclical test automation that comes with zero-cost frameworks and reusables packages. Our experts can also assist in reducing post-production errors, increasing test automation coverage, and shortening your test cycle.

We help your Guidewire applications be more consistent and contextual across the insurance lifecycle so that your customers get secure on-demand access to personalized experiences. With our product knowledge and domain expertise, we help maximize your Guidewire-driven technology ecosystem so that you can continue to deliver seamless omnichannel customers journeys.