“What do customers want?” is no longer a million-dollar question for a modern retailer like you. Because unlike other industries, your customers expect a lot more. And this was the case, even before the pandemic happened.

Let’s face it; creating seamless customer journeys is no walk in the park. You may know what your customers want, as a demographic. But only when you understand the nitty-gritty of individual preferences, can you ask the real million-dollar question.

“What do customers truly want?”

The answer lies in knowing how to pitch the right message to the right customer at the right time – and in the right channel.

If that’s something you haven’t yet fully figured out, it could be that you’re unable to maximize the value of data. There’s so much data flowing through your business, especially with all the new channels, that it’s hard to connect the sources. Even harder would be to make sense of all the data to understand what customers truly want.

That’s where we come in.

Boomi and Aspire Systems are hosting a webinar to help you become a data-driven organization and start delivering highly-personalized and proactive customer journeys. We have put our minds together to help you unlock the power of data to surpass customer expectations.

Transform Your Customer Journey with Connected Data

What you will learn from this webinar

  • Creating seamless, unified, and contextual experiences to increase channel engagement and improve sales/marketing effectiveness
  • Ensuring personalization during every step of the customer lifecycle through data-rich insights
  • Consolidating data, stored in silos across channels and systems, into a single source of truth, with 360-degree of customers

Why you should attend this webinar

  • C-suite speakers, with over decades of specialized experience in successfully helping large companies leverage data to maximize their customer experience ROI
  • Case study discussion on how Aspire helped a global retail company increase annual revenue by 20% by crafting connected data-based customer journeys
  • Learn how Boomi Master Data Hub and API Management solutions support retailers’ challenges by harnessing your data to deliver unique and differentiated customer journeys

As a retailer, you’re already sitting on a data goldmine. All you need is a treasure map to get started. Join our webinar and get that ‘Midas touch’ with your customers, no matter when, where, or how they connect with your business.

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