We mentioned in our blog 3 Obvious Benefits of Nearshoring, that time zone compatibility, cultural affinity, reduced impact of digital disruption are the most obvious benefits of nearshore software development. These benefits are in direct correlation to the nearness of the outsourcing destination. The claims that nearshore costs less than offshoring has been challenged by many IT experts, but the fact remains that there is more to nearshore partnerships than meets the eye. Software development, testing and releasing can be streamlined to increase the frequency of releases. Organizations have reported improved business with the nearshore model. Apart from time zone compatibility, cultural affinity and reduced impact of digital disruption, shortened time-to-market, intellectual property protection and better infrastructure quality have been largely ignored. In this blog, we will discuss these three benefits of nearshore software development.

Time to market

With a talent pool with immense experience close to you, you will have the ability to develop software, test them and release them into the market with great ease. Nearshore partners that have expertise in agile software development along with an efficient release pipeline can enable their clients to take their products to the market at any time they desire. At Aspire’s Poland center, customers can develop future proof applications and release them into the market without any fuss. The ability to release products whenever you want will give you the competitive edge since you can add and remove features based on the market conditions easily. As customer expectations are usually fickle, the capacity to time releases is an asset to companies nowadays. A good nearshore partner with enough expertise and experience can help you implement these processes and become a leader in your industry.

Protects Intellectual property

Intellectual property refers to any products that are created by the company and protected by law from the usage of other organizations for profit. Organizations must protect their intellectual property in order to avoid infringement by their competitors. They must take necessary precautions to avoid this and more importantly, to foster innovation. Usually, the best ways to protecting them are proper documenting of IP, ensure that the contract is compatible with the outsourcing country’s laws, hire a consultant on the matter, and ensure that the programmers follow their non-disclosure agreements. The sheer distance of offshore destinations usually hampers the efforts to protect one’s intellectual property. Oftentimes the offshore countries do not enforce IPR laws properly and this can cost your competition. Nearshore software development on the other hand has the benefits of more accessibility and less communication issues. Organizations can leverage them to protect their intellectual property. Countries within the same regions also have similar laws and attitudes towards ethical principles like Intellectual property. For example, European Union protects and enforces intellectual property throughout the union through strict laws. Protecting IP also entails checking for breaches in the software used by the outsourcing partners and being close to each other will help them a lot.

Better Infrastructure quality

If you compare the infrastructure of traditional offshore destinations with the new nearshore destinations, you would find that popular nearshore like Poland have better infrastructure. Good infrastructure is required for software solution providers to help their clients achieve their business goals. Infrastructure usually means reliable internet and communication infrastructure that will ensure that the client’s projects are not disrupted due to emergencies. Aging and crumbling infrastructure can cause serious problems and delay projects frequently. Apart from communication elements, infrastructure includes electricity and cooling facilities to support data center hardware. The availability of servers, networking devices, and dedicated network appliances are markers of better infrastructure. Careful consideration of the security of the IT infrastructure is also a good sign of good infrastructure. Organizations that are looking to improve their market share must think about the infrastructure present in the outsourcing country.


Organizations must be careful in justifying their outsourcing destinations. While offshoring can be cheap and a go to partnership model for companies, nearshoring’s benefits are largely underrated. Organizations that are serious about releasing quality software frequently must look for nearshore partners due to the various benefits we have spoken about in this blog series. Time to market determines the company’s ability to release new product within a short time. Intellectual Property rights and better infrastructure result in increased software quality and nearshore development only augments their processes.

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