Have always wondered if the likes of Microsoft will ever prioritize user experience (user delight) on par with technical excellence & enterprise IT security.. I have always held the opinion that if the end users are able to seamlessly and intuitively use a software, user adoption increases and naturally boosts the ROI (Application Portfolio Rationalization!)

Well, elephants can dance and my prayers are being answered!  Consumerization of IT seems to be one of the top priorities of Microsoft, “A better experience for users and IT“:

  • Windows based devices that people love (Lumia rocks – great start there!)
  • Security & Management to support flexible work styles (BYOD is more common than we can imagine)
  • Best productivity experience
  • Unified Application Development

What’s really happening?   While usability was celebrated as a key aspect on paper, in reality it was always relegated to a small part of requirements gathering of any IT project… IMHO, the major shift is that with consumerization of IT, all the stakeholders right from the CXO level are forced to look through the eyes of the end users and align hardware, software, work flows (online and offline) and the missing links (like unstructured activities) aspects with each other!

Do you agree?  Or do you think this is just another passing fad?  Drop a note to me and let me know what you think!

~ GaneshWebinar

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