“In God we trust, all others bring data.”

While there is, ironically, no concrete data crediting the author of this quote (W Edwards Deming?? Robert W Hayden???), this statement has caught the imagination of almost every single decision maker at some point or the other!

Have you ever felt that the customers using your software product(s) have fed millions of data into it and a simple framework to integrate analytics can accelerate their business decisions?  Can you empower the end customers with analytics?  Imagine these situations:

  • A stock keeper in a leading retail outlet is aware that goods delivered on certain days are damaged – can he find a pattern in the spike of damaged goods and become more careful while receiving them on those days?
  • An Administrative Director of leading Lab is procuring expensive multiple test equipment – can he prioritize and negotiate better rates accordingly?

We are also aware of the fact that ISV’s have their own set of challenges with building good data analytics capability to their product as integrating with Data Analytics products like Jasper, Qlickview, etc is expensive.  Also ISVs find it difficult to package this for end customer, as the cost for deploying and customization is probably a drawback to the product itself.

In today’s scenario it is a bigger challenge to aggregate data from multiple sources using ETL or other tools, then pushing those data to a different data base and finally using OLAP or other BI engineers to analyze your data. For example products focusing on social enterprise and education domain have contents coming from different systems but these products may not need BI tools since their reporting or analytics requirement is just 10% or even less.

Key challenges in integrating traditional analytics to product

·         Requirement for a different Datamart or DataSource

·         Creating reports for different requirements of customer

·         Data is not real time

·         Performance

·         Additional infrastructure to run these Data services

·         Inability to mine their own data in a simple manner

·         Complex navigation to access the analytical information

Next Gen Data discovery

We were debating this with our team and brainstormed on the requirement for technology innovation to solve this problem. With innovation in technology and using our Producteering methodology we were able to define a new solution called “ Next Gen Data discovery“. The video below explains on how data analytics is presented to users in very simple and better experience. The solution is built using our Java based Propel framework. It can be integrated seamlessly as single code base on all Java based products and for other technology based products this can still remain as a standalone module.

Watch now the video on Next Gen Data Discovery!


·         Works on any data source including the transactional database for real time data rendering without affecting the performance of the other application modules

·         Data relationship can be configured easily by the administrator as per the business needs with simple screens

·         The solution is not tied to any domain entities and hence it can be integrated to any product domain

·         Rich visual representation of the analytical information

·         Offers different perspective of the analytical data in a easy to access interactive charts / graphs

·         Simple, easy to use plain text search to navigate to the critical analytical data

·         Allows producing the dynamic report as you see the analytical data

·         Capability to share / export analytical report

·         Ability to adapt for small / large customers with powerful infrastructure using best in class open source technologies for managing any size customer data

·         Mobile and Tablet Ready solution

Having created a platform for taking new age search to Products we are working how this framework can be integrated to the wearable computing for real time data processing. When we mean wearable computing it could be integrating with Smart devices line Android smart watches, e-textile, iWatch and Google glass in future. We are sure with the power of Producteering, wearable computing, elastic search and Hadoop hosted on cloud service like Amazon or other providers will deliver better Analytical experiences to customers.

Click here Next Gen Data Discovery – to watch the video!

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