Application development

The Role of Generative AI in Shaping the Future of Application Development

An increasing reliance on sophisticated software tools, agile methodologies, and a focus on user-centric designs marks the current state of application development. As these trends converge, a new player has emerged on the horizon: Generative…

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Top 10 NFR in Software Architecture – Part 1

Non-Functional Requirements (NFR) are those requirements that cut across the software functionality, spanning across all the modules and features. These requirements go deep in to the architecture of a software, which is where they get…

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Top 10 Critical NFR for SaaS Applications – Part 2

In the last blog, Top 10 Critical NFRs for SaaS application-Part1, we discussed about what are NFRs (Non-functional requirements) and how it is important to know these requirements before the architecture phase. We listed 5…

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