Container Orchestration

Containers redefining software development process and maintenance

Containers and Microservices influence the performance of cloud-native technologies by embracing automation capabilities and loosely coupled architecture. It is interesting to witness the growth of software development involving containers through DevOps. These containers relieve us…

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Accelerate your cloud journey with container first microservices strategy at AGILE+DEVOPS 2020

On account of the prevailing pandemic situation, going digital has become the new normal in every aspect. Likewise, we are going virtual on the grand event AGILE + DevOps 2020, bringing a comfortable and knowledgeable…

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Taking Agility a Notch Higher with Microservices coupled with DevOps

Microservices is considered the next cool thing to bring in agility and speed to the software driven businesses. The software architecture has evolved from a single file of packed applications- Monolithic architecture to the highly…

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