10 Terraform Best Practices for Better Infrastructure Provisioning

With Terraform making its way as a popular IaC tool to define and provision the complete infrastructure, there has been a surge in deploying this tool since its inception in 2014. In case you haven’t…

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CloudFormation vs Terraform: A Comparative Study

Constructing and managing your cloud infrastructure manually can be a quite daunting task especially when you are operating as a distributed team. Being forced to comply with all the frequent changes and updates, the IT…

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Choosing the Right DevOps tool for a Successful Continuous Delivery and Automation | Part-2

In Part-1 of the DevOps Tools Comparison series, we have covered Jenkins, Saltstack, Ansible and Puppet. In part-2, we shall cover the following tools: Chef, GitHub, Spinnaker and Terraform.  Chef Chef is an open source…

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