The COVID19 pandemic has turned the entire world upside down, especially for traditional ways of business and industry. The retail industry has been forced to innovate to enable consumers to buy their essentials and luxuries on their mobile phones from the comfort of their living rooms.  

Thus, retailers have to provide a cutting edge as far as their apps are concerned and even a minor bug can affect future growth in sales and the brand value itself.  

However, the real challenge for retail enterprises or those developing their software is the backend systems like order management system, inventory replenishment and others which perform the actual tasks to enhance the customer order placement experience. 

Ensuring an enhanced and wholesome customer experience can only happen if the backend systems mentioned above operate like clockwork and are well-oiled.  

This is why these back-end subsystems play a crucial role in determining the digital application’s quality.  

For example, retail applications have several functionalities and hence a large number of tools and technologies will be part of it, which has to work in sync. A breakdown can mean the entire system going haywire.  

Automated end-to-end testing is thus essential for ensuring such high-quality applications. 

Though beneficial, this is easier said than done and faces its own set of challenges, especially for the testing team. These might be intricate, but have a bearing on the proper working of the testing process.  

Here are 6 challenges software testers have to deal with during end-to-end testing for retail applications. 

Such a set of intricate and complex challenges is bound to cause worry for enterprises, given that end-to-end testing is a must-have today. Here are some of the expected solutions for these issues: 

End-to-End Testing in Retail

Though end-to-end testing is a pre-requisite for retail applications in today’s day and age, it poses intricate and complex challenges. Enterprises must choose a testing service or a versatile framework that can provide solutions for these in a seamless manner.  

Aspire, as a forerunner in the testing industry is always a step ahead to meet customer needs to replace tedious manual testing tasks and automate test cases, increase testing efficiency, time-saving, and cost-efficiency.  


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Credits: Technical inputs shared by Dinesh Gopal. He is a Solutions architect in quality project development majorly in digitalization for retail / eCommerce along with Native mobile applications.