Businesses can no longer afford to rely on consumers who connect in physical stores. Having a mobile application, website and social media pages is a necessity, rather than a luxury, in today’s times. In fact, the online store presence is the primary mode of communicating with the consumer’s needs.  

For businesses in sectors like retail, where the daily consumer numbers are extremely high, this makes the requirement of a robust mobile application and website compulsory.  

The app and website also need to be compatible across different operating systems like Android and iOS, browsers, and the resolution suited to screens of different sizes.  

This is because however big a brand and good the product is, a poor app or a website that crashes mid-way through a session will lead to high bounce rates. Worse, this will spread through word-of-mouth and create a negative perception of the brand.  

An end-to-end testing solution incorporating Test Automation can ensure that the app and website are built strongly and bugs are identified early during the build. Testing frameworks which have modern tools like Selenium and use Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning can downsize testing complexities and also provide agility to the whole software development life cycle.  

Frameworks which employ a cloud-based test automation solution can cut down on time-to-market by running parallelly for app and website. This helps when constant upgrades in the products for addressing consumer aspirations become necessary.

Aspire’s versatile retail testing framework DCqaf (Digital Commerce Quality Automation Framework) has been used as part of an end-to-end testing solution by several retailers across the globe to improve their apps and websites to satisfy consumer demands and aspirations. 

Varied and efficient test cases have been designed to suit every operation using DCqaf.  

 Importantly, this has also helped them cut costs and make the process more agile.  

For instance, a prominent American departmental store chain which has 293 stores across 16 states had savings of USD 5 million over five years when Aspire’s solution was used for their website and savings of USD 2 million from the app’s backend hosting and maintenance.  

The app was tested for performance to meet peak holiday loads with minimal cost and ensuring highest quality.  

The testing solution reported more than 7000 defects through 1350+ test cases and 800+ test scripts. This supported 150 production releases catering to more than a million global users.  

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