With the sudden boom in the usage of digital banking applications worldwide, Banking enterprises and their technology providers are under constant pressure to provide a quality experience to their end-users. To ensure their solutions run glitch-free at extreme loads, embracing performance engineering as a part of the technology strategy will keep a check on security threats and also provide a flawless customer experience 

A leading payment processing service provider for the Banking & financial services industry with 9000+ clientele nationwide and technology partner for 1100+ banks was facing major message queue problems like message transfer failures, incorrect queue configuration, message size issues, and wrong input file format issues. Due to the complicated system infrastructure and multiple layers of technologies, it was very difficult to identify the system components that had caused these performance issues, and to make it worse; there were production outages due to these performance glitches. 

Their existing architecture & their dependency on the newly developed middleware were analyzed, and proposed the practical test approach to performance test the message-oriented middleware infrastructure using an open-source performance testing tool. Based on the evaluation, a customized test suite through an open-source tool was developed to satisfy their business needs. Appropriate auxiliary scripts for pre/ post-execution activities in order to minimize the risk of production data were also developed and detailed analysis reports were generated regularly that suggested the improvements, performance tuning, and re-baselining. Thus, the following business benefits were achieved: 

  • Testing time slashed by 60%  
  • Performance was boosted by 127%  
  • Input format issues were identified and resolved on time 
  • Huge XML files were processed and load tested 
  • No system failures and no message communication failures were henceforth encountered 
  • Continuous execution of tests were held to ensure stability  
  • Failing services and its respective concurrency level were identified 

After implementing the proposed solution, this banking solutions provider was delighted and confident about the system, as it saved time, effort, and infrastructure cost.  

Thus the dedicated performance testing efforts helped the clients to understand the efficiency, learn the pitfalls, and work on the gaps with the systems at the architecture level to offer a better experience to end customers.  

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