As the rapid pace of digitalisation takes over the entire world, legacy enterprises have realized that sticking on to traditional practices comes at a steep cost and time. This is even true for internal systems which handle the backend of customer-facing applications.

The buzzwords in the software development are Test Automation, Agile, and DevOps testing services.

Though linked but not interchangeable, these have reversed the traditional methods of software testing (the waterfall method) to effect a strong customer-friendly and quality-conscious change to the software development life cycle. Moreover, they make life easy for the software engineers too. Incorporation of elements like Cloud-based testing, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine-learning have only embellished this change.

Some of the benefits of shifting to Test Automation are:

  • Speeds up time-to-market: This is self-explanatory. If testing is automated, bug identification and fixing is faster
  • Cost-effective: Automated testing consumes lesser time and hence this implies lesser costs and lesser manpower required, which also reduces cost. Additionally, experts say that a bug identified later in the software development life cycle (SDLC) is more expensive than one found earlier
  • Lesser errors: Running manual tests is not only cumbersome but also error-prone, as fatigued human resources may miss some crucial aspect while repeating same tests. Test Automation in software testing eliminates this.
  • Better quality of application: Since more tests can be run in lesser time, bugs identified faster and resolved quicker improve the quality of the product. Testing scope is also widened which embelishes quality

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