Managed Testing Revolutionizes Software Application Development Game – Retail Case study Explained! 

Application development companies, irrespective of size, aim to design, develop and deliver exceptional applications to their customers. Yet only a handful of applications successfully satisfies the various needs of their customers, in terms of innovation, glitch-free user experience, and solid performance even during extreme loads, e.g. during Black Friday sale. So are the constantly evolving technologies, varied customer expectations, insufficient time frame, and lack of resources, are the reasons to stop them from achieving the paramount?  

Recently, one of the Gartner reports stated that “Organizations that don’t focus on efficiency, efficacy and business agility will be left behind.” This literally means the quality of outcome from any software application development is as important as any other part of the software development process itself and this distinguishes the success of the applications.  

Testing a software application is very important to ensure a glitch-free user experience and provide a solid performance even during extreme loads. However, the lengthy and tedious process involved in software testing makes it often difficult for the testers and developers in the QA teams. Missing out the software testing is like paving the way for various irrecoverable damages or innumerable bugs and defects in the software that could possibly incur a scaring loss of money and business as well.  

How can application development companies nail their development & testing game? 

For organizations or companies that cannot devise a testing strategy or lack many in-house test engineers, managed testing can be unequivocally called an asset. Managed testing offers complete ownership over all the QA-related test automation processes, such as planning, designing, executing the most suitable testing strategy, handling the defects, reporting, and optimizing. It is an efficient method to carry out the test operations without having to spend a lot of time or resources. Managed Testing aims to largely improve testing efficiency by simultaneously cutting down the time and revenue spent. In short, all the test automation tasks will be taken care of by a team of skilled resources using their most advanced and promising testing strategies, tools, and frameworks to develop more reliable and seamless software applications. Besides leaving their tedious and time-consuming testing tasks in the safe hands of Managed Testing services providers, organizations can peacefully focus on building their core business. 

Managed Testing in Retail Scenario 

Let us now look into how a leading American department store chain that operates in more than 16 Southern states facilitated advanced test automation assets (frameworks and acceleration tools) and increased product quality. This client decided to improve their business by meeting the broader industry imperative around “Omni-channel retailing” for which they had to make active changes in in-store renovations and technology enhancements. While trying to implement these major changes to their business, they faced a lot of challenges and needed an experienced as well as a reliable testing partner to help them overcome the challenges. Thus, the customer with advanced test automation assets (frameworks and acceleration tools) was empowered with greater automation capabilities for the continuous delivery of applications, at a faster speed to market and achieved the following business benefits:  

  • Automation reduced 96% of the overall manual Regression suite execution efforts 
  • 0% defect leakage was maintained throughout the engagement 
  • Devised more than 750 Test cases as part of the Regression suite for POS Testing 
  • Reported 1000+ defects during the Implementation phase 
  • Cloud-based parallel cross-browser testing effectively reduced the total cost incurred and provided maximum savings 

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