The sixth edition of the most exciting gathering of software testing experts, Saucecon 2022, is coming up on May 3.  

The two-day completely online event will feature an interesting mix of Sauce Labs users, test automation experts, and DevOps leaders.  

Aspire systems will be one of the proud partners in the event and will play host to a virtual booth.  

As one of the distinguished partners of Sauce Labs, Aspire enables our customers to overcome Test Automation challenges with it’s home-grown methodology Hyper-Testing.  

Hyper-Testing will be showcased at this year’s Saucecon 2022 event as well. It is unique Artificial Intelligence (AI)-led agile and unified approach towards designing and executing a testing strategy.  

saucecon 2022 event
Why Hyper-Testing?  

It embeds the wisdom that engineering quality in an agile environment can no longer be feasible with legacy testing approaches and that a quantum leap is the need of the hour.  

Hyper-Testing implements the shift-left testing principle in modern agile environments. It is a product leveraging the massive collective experience of Aspire’s experts who have worked on agile software testing projects for global businesses.  

There are a multitude of success stories of our clients who were able to leverage Hyper-testing to improve quality and accelerate innovation.  

This ultimately helped them lower their cost of quality (COQ) without compromising on quality. The testing feedback cycle time is reduced by 40% and access is available to more than 1000 devices and platforms in the cloud.  

Here are some of the advantages of Hyper-Testing:  

  • 360-degree coverage of End-to-End testing of all application layers as well as non-functional requirements 
  • Enables faster testing without compromising coverage 
  • Seamless coordination between distributed teams 
  • A singular automation framework to test multiple application layers and functional and non-functional aspects 
  • Leverages the best automation tools available in the market 
  • Access to comprehensive QA dashboard and metrics 
  • Quality Engineering embedded in DevOps 
  • Lower TCQ and higher ROI 

Dimensions of Hyper-Testing  

 Three of Aspire’s home-grown automated testing frameworks add weight to to Hyper-Testing and are   similarly designed to provide a rigorous, synchronous and continuous testing methodology.  

These include AFTA (Aspire Framework for Test Automation), DCqaf (Digital Commerce Quality Automation Framework) and APTF (Aspire’s Performance Testing Framework).  

AFTA is a selenium based and powered by AI/ML capabilities which helps organisations perform test automation right from the start of the development cycle and adds greater power to Agile and DevOps driven environments.  

DCqaf is a flexible and secure automation testing framework which ticks all boxes for end-to-end testing including front-end, back-end and POS systems, which is advantageous for retail. It reduces testing costs by up to 90% and AI/ML capabilities act as a test automation accelerator.  

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Saucecon 2022

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