The World of DevOps

In an increasingly complex world of software development, things are changing at a very fast pace. The continuous fast-paced changes has made the task of maintaining the consistently high quality of software even tougher. To address these challenges Software development methodologies like DevOps is created. The aim is to maximize the predictability, efficiency, security, and maintainability of IT operations. Continuous integration and multiple deployments per day is getting traction among a whole range of companies. The continuous nature of the interaction with the software requires such an approach. The smaller incremental changes pose less risk to the overall system stability.

This however also results in more frequent changes. Such a scenario requires automated systems that ensure enforcement of the quality standards.

Test Automation

To keep the IT operation costs low and still provide a robust testing infrastructure requires formulation of a good test strategy, a consistent approach towards automation and seamless integration of the tools that are used for automation. A testing resource needs to master several tools at once to bring about the desired outcome. We at Aspire follow the ratio of 1: 3 where one person has experience in working with 3 different automation tools across multiple technologies and different frameworks (Keyword, Modular and Data-Driven). This results in the understanding of the nuances of different tools, frameworks and the interaction between them as well. As a result of such expertise we are able to define and build the test automation systems that guarantee desired quality with substantial time and cost savings.

Aspire has successfully worked with industry-leading companies using continuous integration and multiple deployments per day and helped reduce their manual QA efforts by as much as 88%.

To see how we were able to drive such results for a renowned e-gaming company?

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