Software testing has always been important, but in today’s age, it assumes larger significance as every service is moving to a digital-first offering. Enterprises offering digital products to match consumer aspirations and expectations are mindful that having a low-quality or poor-performing mobile app or website will in effect put them out of business.  

To this end, software testing is critical; however, the aspect of speed has to be factored in, which makes automated testing and continuous testing a must-have for these software developers.  

These automated testing tools not only reduce time-to-market but also make systems robust as bugs are identified early. Also, since Test automation speeds up process, the entire testing process can be widened and scaled up which improves functionalities and checks performance at high loads.  

In the digital era, large enterprises have moved their internal systems online too; integration of various verticals inter-dependent on each other are also monitored through intra-organization applications to improve efficiency and communication.  

Hence, continuous test automation is not only crucial for say a retailer or insurance business, but also these large enterprises running internal applications. For them, time is money and a slow, poor-performing app may cause as big a loss as that faced by a non-functioning application of a retailer.  

The advantages of continuous software test automation include:   

  • Cost-effective 
  • Quicker delivery of product 
  • Higher quality product as more bugs identified quickly 
  • Better use of human resources 
  • Easier to bring out updates without affecting regular working of other functions 

 Aspire’s experienced team of Continuous software Test Automation experts have partnered with several organisations across the globe to bring about these stated objectives.  

For instance, a tailor-made Test Automation solution using a robust and reliable Telerik Testing Framework was provided for the enterprise application of a global USA-based oil and energy firm. This helped reduce 90% of their testing efforts, a turnaround time of less than 1.5 hours for showstopper bugs, and a defect leakage of less than 4%. Tool cost was also reduced by $5000 per year.  

The firm offers a broad range of solutions including fuels, natural gas, and energy price and data management services to governments and companies across North America. This includes energy price and data management services.  

Their enterprise application supports every facet of their energy management needs from purchasing and processing and finance. It includes applications for supply, trading, logistics, inventories, market pricing, demand, reports, and all aspects of the energy supply chain.  

But the firm was facing challenges as their app had a high defect leakage and a poor product quality due to a time-consuming manual testing. The app was to be made compatible with different platforms and hence Aspire’s  automated testing solution needed to test functionality too.  

Aspire offered a Test automation solution at zero cost which was scalable. An efficient Quality Assurance (QA) process was also implemented.  


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