You want your enterprise to run as efficiently as possible as a business owner. That’s why it’s crucial to have a sound employee management system in place. It can often be challenging to choose the right type of employee management system for your enterprise. Luckily, several digital solutions can help you effectively manage your employee data. This article covers how Oracle Enterprise Mobility can help implement an employee management system within your enterprise that leads to successful onboarding and seamless recruitment.

Defining employee management

Employee management is the process of hiring and onboarding new employees and managing the ongoing performance and development of existing employees. An effective employee management system can help enterprises improve employee productivity, engagement, and retention.

Benefits of employee management

Engaged employees are more productive, and employee management is the key to keeping your team happy and engaged. In addition to this, employee management has the following benefits:

  • Improved communication and collaboration.
  • Increased transparency and accountability.
  • Better performance tracking.
  • Improved decision-making.

Employee management with Oracle Enterprise Mobility

Managing employee data is a critical part of daily operations for any business. It can be time-consuming and challenging to keep track of everything manually. Oracle Enterprise Mobility offers a complete, cloud-based solution that makes it easy to manage employee information.

Oracle Enterprise Mobility is a cloud-based enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution. It helps enterprises securely manage and monitor mobile devices, applications, and content. With Oracle Enterprise Mobility, businesses can distribute apps and content to employees’ mobile devices, set up device and app policies, and track device usage and activity. Oracle Enterprise Mobility also provides features for managing employee expense reimbursement claims and corporate expenses.

As a manager of a team of employees, you know how important it is to have an effective system in place for tracking employee data. Oracle Enterprise Mobility offers a comprehensive solution for employee management, making it easy to track and manage employee information. Here are the benefits of using Oracle Enterprise Mobility for employee management:

  • Centralized employee data: With Oracle Enterprise Mobility, all your employee data is stored in one central location. It makes it easy to access and update employee information and run reports on employee data.
  • Employee self-service: Oracle Enterprise Mobility includes an employee self-service portal, allowing employees to access and update their own information. It can save you time as a manager, as you don’t need to field requests from employees to update their records.
  • Comprehensive reporting: Oracle Enterprise Mobility provides detailed reporting features so that you can track employee data over time. It can help identify trends or issues within your workforce.
  • Flexible deployment options: Oracle Enterprise Mobility can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud, depending on your preferences. It provides the flexibility to choose the deployment option that best fits your needs.

How to use Oracle Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise mobility is growing in popularity as businesses strive to give their employees greater flexibility and access to company data and applications. Oracle Enterprise Mobility enables businesses to securely manage and deploy mobile apps, devices, and content across their enterprise. If used correctly can help with employee management, onboarding, and seamless recruitment.

With Oracle Enterprise Mobility, you can quickly provision and manage employee mobile devices and deploy and update business apps on those devices. You can also control which content and data are accessible to employees on their mobile devices, ensuring that sensitive information remains secure. In addition, Oracle Enterprise Mobility provides comprehensive security features to protect your enterprise data from unauthorized access or breaches.

To get started with Oracle Enterprise Mobility, you must create a Mobile Security Policy. This policy will define your organization’s security rules and regulations for employee mobile device usage. Once the policy is n place, you can enroll employee mobile devices into the system and assign them the appropriate permissions based on their role within the company.

Many different types of employee data can be collected with Oracle Enterprise Mobility. You can use the data to track employee performance, compliance, and other vital factors. Here are some of the different types of employee data that can be collected:

  • Employee performance data: This type of data can include sales numbers, KPIs, and other measures of employee performance. This data can be used to identify areas where employees need improvement and to recognize top performers.
  • Employee compliance data: This type of data includes safety records, attendance records, and drug test results. This data is essential to ensure that employees follow company policies and procedures.
  • Employee engagement data: This data includes survey responses, social media activity, and email usage. This data can be used to understand how engaged employees are with their work and identify potential issues that need to be addressed.
  • Employee health data: This type of data includes health insurance claims, sick days taken, and fitness tracker data. The data is important for promoting employee health and well-being and identifying potential health risks within the workforce.

What to do with employee data

Enterprises of today look for new ways to manage employee data. With the advent of big data and cloud-based solutions, there are more options than ever. So, how do you decide what to do with employee data?

One option is to use Oracle Enterprise Mobility. This solution offers a complete set of tools for managing employee data. It includes time and attendance tracking, performance management, and expense management. Oracle Enterprise Mobility also offers a mobile app that allows employees to access their data from anywhere.

Leveraging this data during your onboarding process will allow you to find candidates closely aligned with your enterprise’s vision and culture. Enterprise Mobility as a tool will enable you to seamlessly recruit employees who are the right fit for their roles and responsibilities within your enterprise.


As this article demonstrates, Oracle Enterprise Mobility is a powerful digital solution for an effective employee management system within your enterprise. It will allow you to seamlessly recruit and onboard employees and help you track various metrics regarding your employees that will help you manage them better.

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