Property management is all-encompassing that includes operating and managing many different assets that are both physical and digital. Property owners and managers are tasked with handling several processes such as lease applications, communicating with tenants, keeping track of rent payments, taking in maintenance requests, and above all, keeping property listings updated.

Every property has different resources and management systems. While there is no general solution to property management, PropTech can help streamline the daily responsibilities of property owners and managers. Using modern tools like automation makes tasks easier. It allows you to conduct operations with more efficiency while allowing customization. Your software is enhanced when it integrates all of the products and processes required.

Property management needs to manage physical assets and their operations. And leveraging digital services will improve the efficiency of your property management systems. This is why using end-to-end property management software can streamline your real estate transactions. It is also why integration with other tools and applications is essential. Real estate management involves sales, financial transactions, documentation, and more. A cloud-based solution provides deep insight into all aspects through all types of devices, including desktops, mobiles, and tablets.

Features of a property management software

A few basic features in property management software are essential. For instance,

  • Lease and tenant monitoring and tracking.
  • Accounting to keep track of all financial reports.
  • Budgeting and forecasting to utilize your financial data to make informed business decisions.
  • A portal that your tenants can use to conduct all financial operations.

PropTech also has several more valuable features to help streamline workflows and maintenance work. Typically, property management software can be most effective when it includes:

  • Property view enabled by geocoding functionalities.
  • Leasing management to streamline payment.
  • Monitoring and tracking financial reports.
  • Automated daily operations and allocations for workers.
  • Easy communication between owners and tenants.
  • Property sales and CRM, including all financial operations with reports and analytics.
  • Access to centralized data.

Simply put, software solutions in the real estate industry can be customized to suit the needs of different sectors and different types and sizes of properties.

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How to use property management software effectively

You can use the following steps to streamline your real estate transactions with PropTech so you can build solid workflows that get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Establish a single source of truth

Real estate companies need a single source of accurate and consistent data that can be relied upon. Too many sources can lead to misinformation and erroneous actions. Unfortunately, too many sources also leave you with outdated information.

​Having an admin to control workflows and business processes brings greater visibility. When you need to see the status of all your leads, pending sales, you can find the relevant information on the dashboard.

Start the transaction early

Some offices wait on authorization for documents before initializing new transactions. It is far more efficient to begin this process sooner when you have an active buyer or when a new property enters the market.

​As soon as a transaction is added into the software, your workflow automatically begins, saving time and resources. It can automatically sync due dates to your agent’s calendar (and yours). The software can send alerts and notifications with reminders to the concerned agent. The reports on current property listings, assets inventory, etc. will be data-driven and accurate.

Give your staff one inbox for everything

More often than not, official documents get sent to too many people, and copies are made for sharing information. When you have a single centralized repository accessible to everyone, you ensure an efficient information pipeline and save time and resources. Agents will have one destination for sending all their paperwork and a single inbox.

Communicate quickly & often

Communication is key. It’s no secret, but most real estate companies still lack in this area. Effective communication requires consistency and promptness, which can be solved with email templates and quick updates.

To Conclude

Real estate management has several moving pieces that make it difficult to manage consistently. Fortunately, modern real estate businesses can leverage digital services to ease the burden. As a property owner or manager, you can find a comprehensive solution that suits your business needs. PropTech can be your go-to solution to manage your real estate business, be it in parts or as a whole.

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