In a groundbreaking move, Oracle recently unveiled its latest offering: generative AI-powered capabilities within Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM). Backed by the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure generative AI service, these innovative capabilities are set to transform HR processes, boost productivity, and enhance the overall candidate and employee experience. As stated by Chris Leone, Executive Vice President of Applications Development at Oracle Cloud HCM, generative AI is poised to revolutionize the workplace with the potential to unlock a new world of skills and creativity.  

Enhancing HR Efficiency with Built-in Security and Performance  

Oracle’s generative AI and embedded capabilities within Oracle Cloud HCM are built on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). This ensures high-level security, performance, and tangible business value for customers. By leveraging built-in prompts and the ability to refine models using their own data, customers can achieve optimal results while minimizing factual errors and bias. Oracle prioritizes data security by activating generative AI models exclusively with customers’ proprietary data, ensuring the protection of sensitive information.  

Transforming HR Processes for Enhanced Productivity

The new AI capabilities integrated into Oracle Cloud HCM build upon the existing abilities already utilized by thousands of users worldwide. This integration streamlines processes and automates content generation, benefiting candidates, employees, managers, and HR teams. With the assistance of powerful language modules, the embedded generative AI capabilities drastically reduce task completion time, improve employee experiences, enhance workforce insights, and ultimately increase overall business value.  

Key Generative AI Capabilities 

Oracle Cloud HCM introduces three key generative AI capabilities that facilitate improved productivity and efficiency:  

1. Assisted Authoring: This capability empowers employees, managers, and HR leaders to create content quickly and efficiently. Users can initiate the AI capabilities with a short prompt, such as a draft title for a job requirement or performance goal. The AI generates content based on the prompt, which users can review, revise, and approve. Assisted authoring covers various use cases, including job descriptions, requisitions, automated goal creation for employees, and the creation of HR helpdesk knowledge-based articles.  

2. Suggestions: Leveraging natural language processing and best practices, this capability provides users with guided recommendations to achieve goals faster and more effectively. Oracle Cloud HCM, powered by generative AI, enables users to enhance their success rates and complete tasks with greater accuracy and precision. Suggestions include automated question prompts for surveys and development tips for leaders to impart to their subordinates. The suggested content reflects each organization’s language style and cultural DNA, as it is trained for LLMs (Large Language Models) under customer control.  

3. Summarization: This feature enables users to extract key insights from one or more data sources, delivering impactful and easily consumable content. Users can access summarized performance reviews incorporating feedback gathered throughout the year, including inputs from managers, employees, peers, goal progress, and achievements.  

Oracle’s Commitment to Continuous Innovation

With over 100 identified high-value scenarios for generative AI in HR, Oracle collaborates closely with its customers, who drive approximately 80% of product updates. This partnership enables organizations to embrace continuous innovation and enhance HR processes and productivity. By leveraging Oracle’s generative AI capabilities, businesses can unlock unprecedented efficiencies for managers, employees, and HR professionals, propelling them ahead of the competition.  

The Power of OCI and End-to-End Data Security  

Oracle Cloud HCM’s generative AI capabilities are powered by OCI, leveraging OCI Supercluster technology, including bare metal computing with NVIDIA GPUs and a high-bandwidth RDMA network. This combination ensures exceptional LLM training performance at an affordable cost, making Oracle a leader in AI innovation. With OCI’s robust security measures, customers retain complete control and ownership of their data, guaranteeing end-to-end data security and privacy.  

Positive Outlook and Industry Recognition

Forward-thinking organizations eagerly anticipate the benefits of Oracle Cloud HCM’s generative AI features. From saving critical time and resources to driving productivity and meaningful business value, the potential impact is substantial. Experts, such as Gareth Abreu from Co-op and Holger Mueller from Constellation Research, acknowledge the game-changing nature of generative AI in HCM applications and its ability to revolutionize business operations.  


Oracle’s introduction of generative AI capabilities within Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM represents a significant milestone in HR productivity. By streamlining processes, automating content generation, and providing data-driven insights, these capabilities empower HR teams to enhance efficiency, elevate employee experiences, and drive tangible business outcomes. With the built-in security and performance of OCI, Oracle sets the stage for continuous innovation, positioning generative AI as a frontrunner in transforming HR operations.

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