The success of organizations today immensely depends on positive customer experience. Around 84% of customers expect their experience with a product or service to be as good as the product or service itself from their organizations. Such high expectations from customers are not merely a matter for consideration but are paramount for organizations striving to maintain their growth and prosperity. ServiceNow, as a major cloud platform, shines in this regard and embellishes the CX stack of enterprises. ServiceNow implementation offers a plethora of benefits to transform IT services, especially concerning customer experience.  

How Does ServiceNow Approach CX? 

ServiceNow is dedicated to revolutionizing customer experiences, surpassing expectations for speed and convenience while reducing service costs. With a focus on delivering seamless interactions, ServiceNow empowers businesses to streamline operations, quickly resolving issues by automating processes, uncovering bottlenecks, and consolidating disparate systems into a unified view. This approach not only drives consistency but also accelerates outcomes, ensuring efficient service delivery. 

In the realm of customer engagement, ServiceNow facilitates easier and smarter service interactions. Leveraging AI-powered self-service capabilities, customers are empowered to find solutions independently, while agents receive intelligent guidance to enhance resolution times. Moreover, ServiceNow optimizes field service efficiency, improving work planning and scheduling to ensure that field personnel have the tools and information needed to complete tasks on the first visit. With a comprehensive suite of solutions, ServiceNow implementation can empower organizations to tailor their customer experience strategies, achieve strategic business objectives effectively and enhance overall customer satisfaction. 

Customer Service Management (CSM) from ServiceNow brings together AI-based workflow and unmatched data analytics to streamline processes, improve customer experiences, and skyrocket your CSAT/NPS metrics. Field Service Management (FSM) takes these advantages beyond the office, providing fully integrated transparency, support, and governance for agents serving customers in the field. Order Management creates an effortless customer experience throughout ordering lifecycles, offering complete transparency, connecting third-party systems, and reducing fulfillment time. And through it all, the ServiceNow Automation Engine automates essential tasks, empowers agents with intelligent guidance, and improves work quality and speed across your business and your partners.  

Integrating CSM with Other ServiceNow Modules 

Integrating ServiceNow CSM with other modules in the ServiceNow platform enhances overall customer experience and streamlines internal processes. Some of the key ServiceNow integrations include: 

  • IT Service Management (ITSM): Seamlessly transition between customer service requests and IT support tickets, ensuring faster issue resolution. 
  • Field Service Management (FSM): Efficiently dispatch and manage field service technicians for on-site assistance, providing real-time updates to customers. 
  • Knowledge Management: Empower agents with relevant articles and FAQs to resolve issues faster, reducing escalations. 
  • Service Catalog: Enable customers to request products or services directly through the CSM portal, triggering automated workflows for fulfillment. 
  • Asset Management: Gain visibility into customer assets and equipment to provide more accurate support and troubleshooting. 
  • Event Management: Proactively monitor customer-facing services and applications, automatically creating incident tickets and notifying affected customers. 

Improve your Customer Experience with ServiceNow 

You can transform your CX with ServiceNow by the following ways: 

  • Utilize ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management (CSM) module to centralize customer interactions and automate workflows, ensuring efficient handling of customer inquiries and issues. 
  • Leverage the advanced analytics capabilities of ServiceNow CSM to gain insights into customer needs and preferences, enabling personalized support and proactive engagement. 
  • Integrate CSM seamlessly with other ServiceNow modules like IT Service Management (ITSM) and Field Service Management (FSM) to create a unified service platform, facilitating cross-department collaboration and consistent customer experiences. 
  • Harness ServiceNow’s automation and intelligent routing features to optimize response times and route inquiries to the most appropriate agents or departments, enhancing efficiency and satisfaction. 

Some Success Stories  

Say for example you are an enterprise with offices across the world and your employees are facing language barriers. Your various departments would work in silos and would be oblivious to the ticket resolution process. ServiceNow with its Now Platform brings in multilingual capabilities and its centralized nature enables departments to liaise with ease. The ability to integrate seamlessly with 3rd party applications is something you can leverage with ServiceNow. This was the case for one of Aspire’s clients in the HR industry and the benefits they reaped were as follows: 

  • 5.5X increase in number of active users 
  • Reduced software licensing costs 
  • Smooth ServiceNow-Jira integration 
  • Upgraded and simple user interface 
  • 28% increase in agent productivity 
  • 24*7 quality and consistent customer support 

When you’re in the restaurant business, customer satisfaction is paramount. For a US-based restaurant chain, technical issues in data migration and user adoption led to dissatisfied customers, impacting service quality and self-service efficiency. This along with operational inefficiencies resulted in a loss of business opportunities because of which customer loyalty took a hit. Their tech stack included ManageEngine for ITSM, Salesforce and Cisco Webex for CX and Okta for security. By Migrating to ServiceNow ITSM and integrating ServiceNow CSM with Salesforce and Cisco Webex, they were able to improve customer satisfaction (CSAT) by 30%

Final Word 

ServiceNow offers a transformative solution for organizations seeking to elevate their customer experience. By leveraging ServiceNow’s comprehensive suite of solutions, businesses can streamline operations, empower agents, and deliver seamless interactions that exceed customer expectations. From Customer Service Management (CSM) to Field Service Management (FSM) and beyond, ServiceNow enables organizations to centralize customer interactions, automate processes, and gain valuable insights into customer needs. Through intelligent automation, advanced analytics, and seamless integration with other ServiceNow modules, organizations can create a unified service platform that drives efficiency, satisfaction, and business growth. ServiceNow’s commitment to revolutionizing customer experiences aligns perfectly with the evolving needs of today’s customers, making it a powerful tool for organizations looking to stay ahead in the competitive landscape. With ServiceNow, organizations can transform their customer experience and pave the way for sustained success in the digital age. 

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