Customer Service Management

Modernize & transform Customer Service Management with ServiceNow

ServiceNow’s customer service management tools are dramatically reshaping the industry with its high levels of efficiency. It has earned the name ‘visionary’ from Gartner and rightly so. It can resolve complex issues end-to-end by collaborating with multiple departments to identify the root…

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Top 10 updates you should know about ServiceNow’s London Release

ServiceNow’s latest London release, takes the ideology of efficiency to the next level, with features that resolve problems even more quickly and easily. A cloud-based AI is used in this new release to deliver elegant,…

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Top Customer Service Management Trends 2017

“Empowered customers are on the move: 40% of consumers have a high willingness and ability to shift spend, with an additional 25% building that mindset.” Forrester. There was a time when having an innovative product…

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