ServiceNow’s customer service management tools are dramatically reshaping the industry with its high levels of efficiency. It has earned the name ‘visionary’ from Gartner and rightly so. It can resolve complex issues end-to-end by collaborating with multiple departments to identify the root cause of the issue and find permanent solution while, continuously improving product quality.  

ServiceNow CSM is far advanced than any other tool available in the market with its cutting-edge technology. This is one of the main reasons why ServiceNow CSM is so popular. It has gained accolades from all quarters including Forrester’s report in 2018, which specified that ServiceNow is specifically designed to cut customer support response time, improve customer satisfaction, bring down cost and serve as a highly scalable solution. In 2018, out of the top 20 deals made by ServiceNow, CSM was part of seven of them.  

According to a recent 2020 Forrester report, enterprises with ServiceNow CSM improved first contact resolution by 20%, cases initiated over phone reduced by 40%, revenue retention spiked up by $5.2 million from support contract renewals. In short, companies using ServiceNow CSM are seeing tremendous results and stand tall among their competitors.  

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Now let us dive in to some of its key features:  

Case resolution management:

The support team can easily and quickly fulfil requests with having all the processes automated in a single workspace and with all the necessary resources needed in real time to effectively communicate with customers and solve problems. With Agent Workspace, the support team will be able to efficiently manage multiple cases and customers in a clean and intuitive layout. ServiceNow CSM also conducts a cross-company investigation to identify the root cause and find permanent solutions. Using Intelligent Routing, enterprises will be able to automatically assign cases to the right expert based on their availability, capability and skills. This ensures timely case resolutions and eliminates silos between critical departments.  

Omni-channel support:

Empower customers to get help from the channel of their choice. Offer a personalized service experience with omni-channel support. ServiceNow CSM allows customers to connect with agents using a range of communication platforms like phone, email, chat, self-service, voice assistant, virtual agents or chatbots and walk-up experience. Using Customer Central in Agent Workspace, the support team can gain information on customers’ past conversations to get the right context and speeds up resolution time. Support teams are also empowered to transfer customers to a communication platform that will be more appropriate and effective for them. Omni-channel support increases customer satisfaction and loyalty as experiences are tailor-made to each customer and device.  

Analytical Support:

ServiceNow powers customer service management with AI to categorize and assign cases to the most relevant agent, thus enhancing productivity. It uses machine learning to sort cases to the right field like the case’s category, priority and assignment group. ServiceNow CSM can proactively detect issues, alert users about potential threat and how to handle them. It can also trace root cause of problems by collaborating with different departments, arrive at a solution and advise necessary action. Agents can also search the knowledge database to find timely and informative response to queries.  

By integrating dashboards with predictive intelligence, enterprises can gain a deeper knowledge on customer trends by studying customer behavior and provide a superior experience. Agents, managers and executives are provided with separate dashboards to see information that is only relevant to them. The AI powered dashboards offer better visibility and accountability to the various teams in the organization, improving business processes and ensuring a robust end-to-end customer service.  

Proactive customer service:

With proactive customer service operations, cases can be created proactively for impacted services thus, reducing inbound call volume. When an operator detects an impacted service, they can study the details and create a case and notify the concerned customer. Enterprises can also keep their customers in the loop on outage issues with constant status reports. This way, customers are informed about service disruptions, thus, reducing the number of reported cases. In case of major issue management, that is, when multiple customers are affected due to an impacted service, ServiceNow CSM can proactively track the affected customers, keep them informed and also simultaneously resolve the issue.   

Field service management:

ServiceNow modernizes field service management with enhanced digital workflows. The feature can be seamlessly integrated to ServiceNow CSM for a wholesome customer experience. Enterprises can assign qualified technicians to the field according to their availability, skillset and geographical proximity and also arm them with all the necessary information needed to solve issues. Customers can self-schedule preventive maintenance appointments, reducing potential downtime and business disruptions. Managers can also get real time updates on resource utilization via dashboards and reports.  



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