ServiceNow’s latest London release, takes the ideology of efficiency to the next level, with features that resolve problems even more quickly and easily. A cloud-based AI is used in this new release to deliver elegant, intuitive experiences for employees and customers. This blog compiles the top updates that you should know about the London release.

A host of new features are added which bring greater business value and improves the productivity at work:

Walk-up Experience
Walk-up Experience is a new ITSM application that enables in-person IT support. Here, the employees sign up remotely and walk-up to the IT help desk in time for their turn based on live queue updates. The result is lesser downtime, higher productivity and less frustration.

Security Incident Response
A new configurable UI of the security incident response application gives quick access to actionable security data that’s been prioritized based on business criticality.

Employee Document Management
This new application enables employee documents to be managed electronically, increasing efficiency and supporting security and compliance. As it promotes going paperless, HR can now easily set document retention rules based on corporate and legal regulations.

Flow Designer Enhancements
Includes capabilities to build end-to-end codeless flows with sub-flows. It supports auto-remediation with Event Management and enables taking action based on time series events with MetricBase.

Many more capabilities designed to deliver intelligence for everyday work and better experiences:
The much awaited London update has brought several more features in ITOM, ITSM, SecOps and Software asset management. Some of the features that we consider critical to increasing business efficiency are mentioned below:

Performance Analytics/ Detailed Scorecard Enhancements (Limited Access*): Exploring, comparing, and predicting organizational performance can now be an all different experience. Segmenting scores is easier with the new ‘Breakdowns’ panel; expanded forecasting abilities predict when goals will be met; and benchmarks are now natively integrated into the scorecard.

IT Operations Management/ Operational Intelligence – Insights Explorer: Performance of IT resources can be pictured by searching dynamic metrics across all the CIs. The Metric explorer is replaced by an all new ‘Insights’ Explorer. Performance issues which are widespread in the IT environment can now be identified faster by creating performance raw metric values and calculated anomaly scores across many CIs.

IT Business Management/ Financial Modeling- Financial Management as an Engine: Mapping expenses is simpler in London release with perspective models. It also helps in rate management and currency conversions.

Software Asset Management/ Citrix Publisher Pack: Software compliance issues can be discovered and reconciled within the Citrix virtual environment. This helps to plan annual software budgets and deliver better cost optimization.

HR Service Delivery/ Virtual Agent for HR Service Delivery: A virtual agent or a Chatbot provides answers to basic repetitive inquiries without involving HR staff, and this improves employee self-service. It is packed with a lot more than what it sounds like the pre-built, out-of-the-box conversation topics for leave of absence, researching pay discrepancies, and updating an employee profile. However, if answers cannot be provided, it automatically creates a case and pipes up to a HR staff.

Customer Service Management/ Major Issue Management: This update helps managing customer-facing communications and resolution processes for major issues that impact many customers proactively. This management feature creates an overall case to manage all aspects of the issues just once, while automatically synching information from the overall case to individual impacted accounts.

With the new London release, ServiceNow offers a more powerful platform for managing and automating wide range of day-to-day IT and business activities that are critical to achieve satisfaction of employees and customers that results a thriving organization.

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