‘The customer knows best’ the popular adage goes. But how well do you know your customer? At a time when one negative review is powerful enough to shut down a whole enterprise and send the industry spiraling, businesses have to stay ahead of the game so they can offer customers the very best experience. A 2021 Khoros survey found that 68% customers will spend more money with a business that understands them and treats them like an individual.

No one wants to explain the same problem multiple times to different people at various stages when getting an issue resolved. Two-thirds of US adults believe that a business valuing their time is crucial for good customer experience. At least 77% consumers want the company’s internal teams to communicate and collaborate with each other so they don’t have to repeat themselves. With the ServiceNow customer service management suite, businesses can easily connect customers with the right customer service associates and middle-office staff, operations teams, back-office departments, and IT staff and rapidly resolve customers’ problems. A 2020 Forrester report said businesses adopting ServiceNow CSM could see their ROI jump by nearly 176%.

The right customer service management software helps improve customer engagement, providing a seamless journey from engagement to delivery. It enhances collaboration within and between different departments of a business so the customer’s problems are attended to fast. ServiceNow also allows for smooth integration with a host of third-party apps and data sources to further bolster CSM.

Why integration is the right step forward

The customer service department is often the first interaction that a potential customer has with a business. Hence, monitoring the department helps the business fine-tune the first impression it presents to a new customer.

Monitoring tools are required to keep track of productivity and to check if your CSM strategy is working. Tools by themselves are effective in handling only a specific set of tasks and are often standalone applications that don’t speak to each other. They each have their own method of handling a request or incident and require different datasets. By bringing them together on a single platform, you are less likely to face problems such as when multiple tools generate an incident for the same thing. Integrating monitoring tools with the ServiceNow customer service management suite cuts down on noise. You can also use the platform to monitor system notifications, search for trends, produce reports and build automation to curb repetitive tasks caused by alerts.

ServiceNow CSM implementation lets businesses wield its advanced AI capabilities to improve productivity. The platform collects metric data from your tools and looks for and flags anomalies based on machine learning.

Businesses of the future

The Khoros study found that 62% customers want to be able to engage with businesses across multiple digital channels. However, according to the Zendesk Customer Experience Trends Report 2020, less than 30% companies offer features like self-service, live chat, social messaging, in-app messaging, chatbots or peer-to-peer discussion boards. As millennials and Gen Z steadily grow to be the largest consumer group, it is essential that businesses tailor their operations to appeal to the digital-first generations. ServiceNow integration covers this key aspect with powerful chatbots and an omni-channel approach. Its knowledge management feature can help increase user satisfaction with a trove of proven resolutions that encourage self-service and promote knowledge sharing while identifying knowledge gaps to help curate new content.

Businesses can enhance surveys and assessments with ServiceNow implementation, which provides agents or managers with a single platform to create, schedule and send surveys. Enterprises are also equipped with real-time dashboards to study various metrics and track historical trends.

Integrating monitoring tools can be a walk in the park with an experienced ServiceNow partner, allowing businesses to enjoy the best of both worlds with no service disruption. The platform’s ability to work with multiple tools and get the best out of them is one of the driving factors behind its popularity and has helped it move beyond the tag of being just a ticketing platform for ITSM. ServiceNow’s predictive intelligence, performance analytics and its superior automation capabilities give it an edge over its competitors and help propel businesses to new heights.


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