Irrespective of the industry, workplace safety is a vital entity in a professional setup. When somebody leaves for work, their dear and near expect them to return home safe and sound. A safe work environment leads to higher productivity, and enhances the confidence in the employer.

Here I would like to quote a famous saying that goes by “Prepare and prevent, don’t repair and repent.” This quote hasn’t aged well with a global pandemic changing our lives in a significant manner both professionally and personally. In the battle against COVID-19, many federal agencies around the world have relaxed many regulations for the enterprises to carry on with their regular business operations in their physical offices. Enterprises are also working hard in planning their return-to-work strategy.

But looking at the effects of the current pandemic, any violation of safety measures could have a catastrophic effect for the human kind. So, the biggest challenge for an enterprise here is to ensure and monitor the safety of workplaces and employees. Moreover, companies with physical offices in different locations need to adhere to regional, state, and country regulations.

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Employees are more skeptical and apprehensive about the safety measures when they return to work. In this scenario, returning to the workplace requires enterprises to come up with flexible, cross-functional workplace strategies that can boosts the morale of the employees and exhibit trust in them. This is what exactly ServiceNow Safe Workplace Apps suite aims to do.

We are aware that ServiceNow as a company strives to innovate on a regular, and bi-monthly cadence with its Safe Workplace suite of applications to help customers effectively manage workplace and workforce readiness by making work better for everyone. The new features like Health and Safety Testing adds more value to the application and will drive a more efficient process. This scrutinizes the test results from employees and helps employers to reduce the spread of infectious diseases at the workplace.

Using ServiceNow Safe Workplace application, employers can request employee to get tested or allow employees to take-up optional health test upon being notified of potential exposure to an infectious disease. Employees can submit their health testing preferences, like the test type, preferred testing date & location, and the authorized administrator can coordinate with the testing facilities and schedule testing based on the mentioned preferences. After the testing is complete, employees can input test results into the app and receive clearance to safely return to the workplace.

If you are already a ServiceNow user, our experts can help you with implementation of ServiceNow. Aspire Systems, a premier services partner of ServiceNow has helped many enterprises in ServiceNow adoption through their roadmap and can help you too.


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