Two years after the pandemic broke out, many businesses are once again attempting a return to normalcy and getting employees back to offices. Rising to this challenge, ServiceNow launched its Safe Workplace Suite. Executives are now better prepared to create and maintain safe workplaces and are focused on workplace safety management. Besides, a safe work environment leads to higher productivity and enhances confidence in the employer.

The pandemic has changed the way we think of offices and completely transformed the needs of employers and employees. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Some businesses found the work-from-home experience to be positive and have opted for permanent remote working. A few believe hybrid workplaces are the future, combining the best of both worlds. Others have chosen to go back to simpler times and opted for a complete return to the office.

Employees, however, are still apprehensive about returning to the workplace. Most of us are still learning to live with the virus and even a few Covid-19 cases could prove catastrophic. So, the biggest challenge for an enterprise here is to ensure the safety of workplace and employees. Moreover, companies with physical offices in different locations have to adhere to various regional, state and country regulations.

How ServiceNow Safe Workplace Suite readies the workforce and workplace

With the ServiceNow Safe Workplace Suite, businesses are equipped with flexible and cross-functional strategies. The host of apps help customers effectively manage workplace and workforce readiness with employee safety being the top priority. By implementing and integrating the Safe Workplace Apps Suite, leaders gain greater visibility and ensure transparency into all aspects of working from office.

Safe Workplace Dashboard: Team and department leaders can get a complete view of the enterprise’s readiness to reopen sites. The dashboard also provides a map with publicly available infection data, allowing companies to make region-specific decisions.

Contact Tracing: Tracking potential Covid-19 cases is easier with the Contact Tracing app. Administrators can quickly and easily reach out to contacts and reduce the risk of disease transmission with the help of data from the workplace such as meeting participants, visitor information, WiFi access points etc.

Health and Safety Testing: Once an infected employee is identified, streamline employee testing by allowing employees to submit health testing requests. Forms with details on test type, preferred date and location, can help administrators plan mass health testing. Upon completion of the test, employees will receive and submit the test results, clearing them for a safe return to the office.

Vaccination Status: Companies can track employee vaccination status allow organizations to track the status of employee vaccinations. Team leads can gather vaccination status and report to executives on the readiness of the workplace. Employees can also submit vaccination certificates in line with the employer’s requirement.

Employee Readiness Surveys: Drive continuous engagement with employees and gain insights into their interest in returning to work, their concerns and other views with this app. Based on employee responses to various questions, the system automatically triggers actions such as desk booking or health equipment requests or health verification.

Employee Health Screening: Screen employees and visitors to prevent any possible infection outbreak. Employees can use mobile self-service or health screeners to register their health status and visitors can do the same with a simple email.

Employee Travel Safety: Pre-authorize business-related travel based on the safety status of the employee’s destination. The app sends employees alerts to enroll in health verifications before and through the duration of the trip aside from daily contact check-in requests to ensure their safety.

Workplace Safety Management: Monitor and manage social distancing, multiple shifts and regular sanitation sessions with the Workplace Safety Management app. The app allows administrators to assign desks, stagger arrivals, plan cleaning schedules and more.

Workplace PPE Inventory Management: The app allows companies to plan and stock essential health equipment and track issue of equipment. It provides a comprehensive view of inventory by each facility and facilitates real-time inventory management.

Technology is at the centre of efforts to return to office. By simplifying the return process for employees, both the employer and employees can enjoy a seamless transition. With ServiceNow Safe Workplace Suite, users can complete tasks and get the information they need through the desktop application or on their phones.

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