ServiceNow Performance Analytics

Save License cost using ServiceNow Performance analytics in Subscription management

One of the common pressing issues ServiceNow owners face is managing licenses effectively. ServiceNow offers applications that can be used to address the challenges surrounding software inventory and license management. Using analytics to manage licenses,…

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Why License Optimization is the need of the hour in ServiceNow?

For a ServiceNow Platform owner, it is important to know where they can cut down costs through effective utilization of resources. While purchasing ServiceNow, there would be many applications, which they have subscribed to and…

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How can you optimize ServiceNow license utilization?

Software licenses add value to your business only through their effective utilization. In the initial days of ServiceNow implementation, there might be different products and applications modules that were subscribed which would later go void due to minimal or no utilization. Similarly, there may be several roles that…

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