Enterprises losing money on software budget are in dire need of license optimization techniques that can help them plug the overriding cost. Only when you recognize a problem, can you begin solving it. With massive amounts of data scattered across the organization, enterprises are unsure where to begin with to optimize licenses. Absence of relevant data is one of the main obstacles in utilizing existing licenses effectively. ServiceNow Performance Analytics tool is an intelligent solution that fosters machine learning and provides insightful and actionable reports. It answers your key business questions while increasing quality and reducing cost of service delivery.

According to Forrester reports, ServiceNow Performance Analytics has given the means to organizations to save $2.5 million annually. Instead of data, presented at monthly meetings, derived from spreadsheets, Performance Analytics gives real-time information on license procured, how many are in use and its compliance status. It can anticipate trends, predict future licensing needs, and help companies make well informed decisions on their software assets.

Significance of ServiceNow Performance Analytics:

Understanding usage: When it comes to license optimization, it is important for enterprises to understand that every role and user comes at a cost and thus, determining their usage plays a vital role in determining if they warrant a license. With Performance Analytics, evaluate user login, session & transaction data and better understand patterns and trends in license usage.

Login data will tell you if a user had logged into the instance in recent time or how frequently they use their access. Session data will tell you for how long the user was logged in to the instance. Users may login for a good business use case, but for how long do they use the instance and does that warrant a license can be easily evaluated. If these data do not provide an answer, you can check user transaction data. By analyzing this information, you can understand who logs in once-in-a-while, who makes heavy transactions and who really needs a license.

ServiceNow Licenses

Gain single source of truth: ServiceNow Performance Analytics establishes a single version of truth that enables enterprises to gain great clarity on license consumption and the cost involved. Integrate your spreadsheets and other data sources with ServiceNow to gain better visibility on software assets. Performance Analytics provide enterprises a deeper understanding of license usage through intuitive dashboards. You can spend more time analyzing the charts presented and drawing up a strategy, instead of spending time making those charts. You will always have the latest data available to make decisions based on facts. Identifying where an enterprise has invested and monitoring licenses will go a long way in license optimization efforts.

Plan your strategy: ServiceNow Performance Analytics acts as your decision support system. Remember, that roles and responsibilities of a user change over time due to organizational changes? In most cases, enterprises seldom go back and validate the roles and users assigned with the licenses. Meaning, they don’t check if the licenses are redundant or if they are in use. With Performance Analytics, enterprises will have real-time data on usage of licenses and hence, will always be able to make informed decision on who warrants a license. By tracking and managing licenses effectively, enterprises will be able to forecast needs, be proactive and eliminate any work disruptions. With the necessary data available, enterprises can take action, prioritize resources and regulate services, according to business goals to realize better ROI on software assets. With ServiceNow Performance Analytics, your enterprise will always be compliance audit ready.

Drive performance & reduce cost: ServiceNow Performance Analytics is a game changer and realizes fast time-to-value. Once implemented, it can quickly scan your software assets and provide actionable insights. It does all of this automatically, so there is almost no human effort needed. It also ensures there is no data duplication and secures data visibility. Performance Analytics answers the 3 main questions when it comes to license optimization: What do we own? What are we using? And, what do we need? With ServiceNow, enterprises can establish a system to track, monitor, manage their licenses and reclaim unused subscriptions and allocate them effectively to those who need it. Control the cost of license purchases and implement the right-size software subscription with ServiceNow Performance Analytics.


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