Software licenses add value to your business only through their effective utilization. In the initial days of ServiceNow implementation, there might be different products and applications modules that were subscribed which would later go void due to minimal or no utilization. Similarly, there may be several roles that may go redundant in time. Why would you pay extra for the roles that are not in use?

Three questions prevail with respect to your ServiceNow subscriptions:

  1. What entitlements do you own?
  2. Are you buying what you need?
  3. Are you using ServiceNow subscriptions effectively?

Users are assigned different roles to provide authorization for applications relevant to their job responsibilities.  When job responsibilities change, in many organizations, there is no defined process to revoke the roles that are no longer required.  A platform owner will never know of these changes. The assigned roles serve no purpose. There is no way to identify whether the role is required for the user.

Data and Analytics

What makes it so challenging to track roles to assure their effective use?  Data is scattered throughout various tables of ServiceNow and there is no single dashboard to get an overview of roles usage. Analytics using ServiceNow Performance Analytics or any other analytics tools such as Power BI and Tableau can be leveraged to create reports.  These reports provide insights to ServiceNow platform owners to make decisions on optimizing roles within ServiceNow.

Many platform owners may already be receiving reports on the number of active users of ServiceNow based on the last login time.  We can make such reports more meaningful by having data on the active session time of users, the number of transactions and role-specific transactions done by users.  This all boils down to how effectively we use the data that is already available in ServiceNow.

ServiceNow subscriptions

ServiceNow subscriptions

Benefits from Managing Roles 

With greater visibility into roles utilization, platform owners are empowered with data and inputs for decision making.  Their decisions will have a direct impact on cost when under-utilized roles are not subscribed any longer.  Platform owners can be assured that roles are assigned to users on a need basis and they can raise a flag when they find that users are not effectively using assigned roles.

If you are already a ServiceNow user, our experts can recommend approaches to effectively manage roles thus optimize the utilization of your ServiceNow subscriptions.  If you are at the cross roads of adopting ServiceNow, Aspire Systems, a premier services partner of ServiceNow has helped many enterprises in ServiceNow adoption through their roadmap and can help you too. For more queries and details please visit our website – or contact us at [email protected]

Watch our on-demand webinar series on license optimization,where one of our customers share their insights on License optimization and management of ServiceNow subscriptions.

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