Aspire Systems is honored to have been featured in the 2021 ISG Digital Case Study Awards™ for its best-in-class digital transformation work with a leading Insurer.

ISG selected case studies from 39 providers for this year’s Awards from a record of nearly 250 submissions. A majority of digital transformation initiatives submitted for consideration were focused on improvements in customer and user experience, with the related goal of driving top-line revenue growth.

Aspire Systems’ case study, which received this prestigious recognition, is about a leading insurer whose legacy insurance system had a major constraint that involved a lot of manual work in order to connect its workflows with its partners. Aspire Systems helped it transform with a modern platform that delivered seamless, customizable access to their partners while reducing overhead and human error, thus allowing them to rapidly onboard more partners. The “Underwriting Decision Engine” was a big highlight with faster onboarding of partners. Partners also had real-time access to the insurer’s products. Given the reliance on partners for the insurer, the platform helped them grow their partners up to 150. This makes it a standout example of digital transformation, according to ISG, based on an open platform that makes a partner ecosystem work for all its participants.

The ISG Digital Case Study Awards evaluate the objectives, solutions and outcomes achieved through digital transformation projects. Technology and service providers worldwide submit case studies, which are independently validated by the enterprise client and reviewed by an expert ISG digital research review committee. Selections are based on a multi-dimensional assessment of the tangible impact of digital transformation on the client’s business and the uniqueness of the provider’s solution.

For more information, check out this press release.