As one of America’s important financial, commercial, and cultural centers, Las Vegas is known by many names. Besides the more obvious ones, it is also called “the city of second chances”. On November 1st, that’s exactly what awaits insurers looking to refresh their value chain and create digital-friendly experiences for customers. Guidewire Connections 2021 is all set to be held at the ARIA Resort & Casino in Las Vegas between November 1-4, 2021. As you may know, Guidewire Connections is a highly prestigious annual event for knowledge sharing and networking. This year it presents a game-changing opportunity for an industry that, traditionally, has been on the back foot as far as customer experiences as concerned.

Meet Aspire Systems at Guidewire Connections 2021

Aspire Systems, with 20+ years of deep vertical experience as an insurance value creator, is a Silver sponsor of Guidewire Connections 2021. As one of Guidewire’s Select Partners, Aspire has been helping several insurance providers by providing off-the-shelf services like migration, testing, managed services, etc. To enable them to capitalize on this all-powerful innovation ecosystem, we offer AI-powered accelerators, frameworks, and tools to maximize products, such as PolicyCenter, BillingCenter, ClaimCenter, Digital Portal, and GWCP. Aspire is also powered by a 100+ strong Guidewire team and has over 30 certified professionals and 50+ product specialists.

Come over to booth no. S2 and say hello to us! Let us talk about how you can embrace digital technologies, expand partner networks, and enable seamless insurance journeys.

Why insurers find it hard to let go of their “legacy”

While many industries have embraced digital initiatives, many insurance providers struggle to keep up with the latest technologies. It has rendered them incapable of meeting user demands, which have evolved significantly. One of the traditional challenges has been that many existing modalities are tightly woven into the fabric of the overall technology ecosystem. So, insurers are unable to capitalize on the emergence of digital-first InsurTech solutions and platforms. And unless they can work with a reliable solution provider and modernize their core platforms, they face the risk of being replaced by the newer and more tech-savvy players.

Today, it is also of utmost importance to anticipate the needs of customers instead of waiting for them to strongly indicate that a change is needed. Insurance providers must be able to offer speed and convenience to customers during every insurance-related interaction. Again, the problem is that legacy systems make it difficult to focus on user-centric innovation despite housing tons of historic data. But that doesn’t mean they can be completely replaced at one go. It’s why the reliability of their solution provider is at the front seat of their digital transformation journeys.

Guidewire: In the business of reimagining insurance experiences

Guidewire has an impressive proven track record in helping insurance businesses leverage new-age technologies like AI, automation, and analytics. Its platform-as-a-cloud service empowers insurers to be more agile, resilient, and secure while incubating a culture of scalability to seamlessly allow phased modernization. Their ready-to-go products include InsuranceSuite and InsuranceNow, which are InsureTech journey creators that impact how employees, customers, vendors, and third parties interact and collaborate with each other.

For instance, whether billing, claims, or policy management, Guidewire InsuranceSuite offers automated processes and workflows to enable straight-through processing. Available on the cloud or as hybrid models, it helps reimagine user experiences with modernized self-service capabilities. The Guidewire InsuranceNow platform integrates core, digital, data, and analytics and comes with pre-packaged implementations that greatly minimize configuration time and complexities.

Guidewire is backed by the largest R&D/services teams and the widest partner ecosystem in the industry. Over 400 insurers – of all sizes – rely on Guidewire to:

  • Increase the speed of product development
  • Improve omnichannel customer experiences
  • Eliminate disruptive IT complexities
  • Execute a best-fit insurance modernization roadmap

As earlier mentioned, Guidewire Connections 2021 presents an exciting opportunity to make sure that you are not left behind in the race to delivering differentiated insurance experiences. You get to hear from the leading innovators who will share their exclusive insights on what needs to be done.