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How your business can transform customer support by integrating ServiceNow and Jira

It’s sink or swim when it comes to managing customer demands today. And to stay afloat, you need to use every tool in your company’s arsenal to work in sync. ServiceNow integration with Jira delivers…

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ServiceNow- The Future-Ready Insurance Platform

The Covid-19 pandemic forced even the most resilient insurance industry to briskly adapt to the digital shift. In fact, 41% of policyholders surveyed by PwC said they are more likely to shift insurance providers over…

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What’s new for CSM with ServiceNow San Diego release?

ServiceNow is amping up its automation and UI tools again with the San Diego release, bringing advanced hyperautomation to its 70 million daily users. ServiceNow San Diego release, the first release for 2022, revamps its…

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