ServiceNow is amping up its automation and UI tools again with the San Diego release, bringing advanced hyperautomation to its 70 million daily users. ServiceNow San Diego release, the first release for 2022, revamps its customer service management software, aimed at improving productivity with its streamlined and modern workspaces. The advanced ServiceNow customer service management suite harnesses the power of the whole business to deliver quality service at lightning speed to the customer.

Among the exciting features on offer with the latest release are the Next Experience UI, an overhaul of the earlier Now Experience UI Framework, and the latest Unified Navigation, which lets users access content across the ServiceNow instance on a single pane. ServiceNow has also opened up its easy integration options to more modern and legacy systems and introduced additional low-code enhancements for non-developers so making apps is easier and faster than ever.

ServiceNow CSM’s San Diego makeover

The improved ServiceNow CSM comes with four main enhancements:

CSM Configurable Workspace: The configurable CSM workspace, combined with the new Next Experience and Unified Navigation, drives productivity. The modern design allow users to switch to dark theme and compact mode to reduce eye strain. Unified Navigation let agents easily switch between workspaces and the traditional UI.

Order Management: With the ServiceNow order management application, agents can capture, track and fulfill orders with comprehensive and intelligent order management workflows. The app also let agents import orders from third-party systems.

Case Management: Businesses can detect languages using AI, which then quickly assigns cases to agents with the right language skills.  The algorithm also suggests appropriate supplementary articles or resources to the user based on the language used.

Engagement Messenger: The San Diego release allows user to easily tailor the engagement messenger’s behavior, appearance and styling as per the organizational branding. Guests and authenticated users can also continue chat conversations asynchronously over time.

ServiceNow CSM

The future of customer service

Upgrading a ServiceNow instance is no walk in the park. It requires extensive planning, testing and validation. System upgrades are significant projects and with each ServiceNow release introducing major additions, it is important to study the impact of these changes on your business. As a Premier ServiceNow Partner, Aspire Systems has aided several businesses with their ServiceNow implementation and upgradation.

Aspire’s experts assisted a global HR consulting firm in transforming its customer experience with ServiceNow CSM. Despite its global presence, the client could not offer local language support and the customer portal was difficult to navigate. With ServiceNow, the client can access:

  • Agent Workspace to train agents and guide them through case resolution
  • User-friendly and uncomplicated Service Portal for customers
  • A simple button to escalate ServiceNow cases to JIRA issues, ensuring bidirectional flow of information
  • Modern and intuitive San Diego UI where agents can navigate, create and work on cases

ServiceNow CSM provides greater visibility into operations and reduces manual efforts. ServiceNow integration with JIRA eliminates the need for a third-party app and ensures no errors in integration. Other benefits include:

  • 5.5x increase in number of active users
  • Lower software licensing costs
  • 28% increase in agent productivity
  • Support offered in 15 languages

Read our case study to know more on how ServiceNow implementation broke organizational silos and encouraged greater collaborations between departments.

Easing your journey to San Diego

Implementing a ServiceNow upgrade is a major business decision that has a direct impact on all aspects of the organization. To help enterprises with this decision, Aspire Systems is conducting an exclusive webinar on the impact of the San Diego release on ServiceNow CSM on July 6 (Wednesday) at 12pm ET.

  • Empower agents with the improved Agent Workspace UI to guide them through case resolution
  • Improve self-service capabilities with Knowledge Base implementation
  • Integrate ServiceNow with more legacy and modern systems for smooth service delivery
  • Strengthen ITSM processes by creating incident, change and problem for cases


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