It’s sink or swim when it comes to managing customer demands today. And to stay afloat, you need to use every tool in your company’s arsenal to work in sync. ServiceNow integration with Jira delivers faster and more accurate resolutions, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Effective Jira-ServiceNow integration solutions can help your business realize greater ROI faster. It gives you more control over how data is shared between the two platforms. Teams also get to work on their preferred platform without having to worry about updating information on the other.

ServiceNow has grown from a simple ticketing platform to an all-encompassing enterprise management system. Given the NOW Platform’s wide influence and use across operations, ServiceNow integration with other third-party apps and systems is necessary to maintain a single system of record and smooth flow of services. ServiceNow has styled itself as a platform that is open to working with multiple legacy and modern systems. With every release, it offers more easy integration options with popular third-party apps. Atlassian’s Jira is widely used by agile development teams to track bugs and issues and for project management. Over the years, Atlassian has expanded its Jira offerings with products for non-technical teams too. Like ServiceNow, Jira supports integrations with other platforms and applications to increase productivity.  

integrating ServiceNow and Jira

Benefits of integrating ServiceNow and Jira

ServiceNow San Diego release brought advanced hyperautomation, Next Experience UI and the latest Unified Navigation to 70 million users. It also further enhanced Integration Hub, encouraging streamlined workspaces with end-to-end workflows. Now, ServiceNow and Jira integration is easier than ever. Here’s why bringing the two platforms together benefits your company, particularly in terms of customer service management:

Improved collaboration: Siloed teams are the biggest drawback to an enterprise’s productivity and seamless customer experiences. Consumers too want your front, middle and back offices to collaborate better so they don’t have to explain their problems time and again to different teams. Integrating ServiceNow and Jira eliminates communication gaps between your development team and customer service agents. This reduces delay in service and resolution and improves accuracy.  

Bidirectional flow of information: ServiceNow integration with Jira allows your teams to easily share information between both platforms. Once the integration is complete, users can easily escalate a case on ServiceNow to an issue on Jira with a simple click of a button. Updates to a ServiceNow case on the NOW platform are reflected on Jira and vice versa. You can access both historical and current data on both platforms. With automatic updating of information, you avoid time-consuming manual transfers, which are often error-prone.

Reduced resolution time: With improved collaboration and easy access to data, your enterprise can address customer issues much faster. Teams can wholly concentrate on remediation without having to worry about manual transfer of information. Automated workflows quickly take teams through processes, putting an end to delays.

Greater transparency: Integration of the two platforms increases transparency into ticket status, resolution and more. Dashboards and Performance Analytics provide you with real-time information on the number of tickets handled and resolution times. Automated workflows improve traceability and visibility into operations, putting an end to any misunderstandings or hiccups that may occur in the resolution process.

Getting started with integration

More than 70% of consumers surveyed by The Northridge Group said they are likely to switch to a competitive brand based on just one negative experience. Your company’s survival during such challenging times depends on optimized operations. Integrating ServiceNow and Jira helps you address customer concerns more efficiently without wasting valuable time. Low-ranking requests can be automated so your agents can concentrate on priority issues. ServiceNow’s presence across operations with modules such as ITSM, CSM, HRSD, ITOM and more helps you pull necessary information easily and quickly. ServiceNow integration is simple with a Premier Partner. An experienced partner can also help businesses identify areas for automation and optimization. An HR services industry leader completely transformed UI/UX with ServiceNow CSM. With help from our experts, the client could automate simple requests and offer support in 15 languages. Integrating ServiceNow and Jira also helped the client reduce software licensing costs. Read the case study to know more about Aspire’s work, which led to the customer seeing a 5.5x increase in active users.