Overview and Features:

Employee Service Center, the single destination or a one stop solution for all employees’ needs that consolidates information across different functional teams. The Employee Service Center portal is also called as esc portal. Being a part of ServiceNow HR service management, this portal provides information regarding employee needs which includes

  • Global Search
  • Request Submission
  • HR Case
  • Knowledge Article
  • Approval action
  • To-do action
  • Chat Agent
  • Org Chart

The Employee Service Center portal will be accessible to all the employees who have basic HR role. The Employee Service Center provides options to all employees to update their basic personal information like Profile picture upload, User preferences, Personal Contact Information and Biodata

Employee Service center

Creating HR case:

  • Employee shall be able to submit the HR case from the portal by selecting the proper catalogs request
  • ServiceNow provides few basic catalog and its allow to us to create catalogs based on the company needs that are associated with the various categories
  • These can be hidden and shown based on the condition (country, role, user, Ext..,)

Employee Service Center

Knowledge Article:

  • Employees can read the knowledge article to get clarification before creating the HR case and can provide their comments regarding the article

Employee Service Center

Create HR case using chat option

  • The Now support will help the employee to create and update the case. It also provides options to contact the live agent or call or email the support team.

Employee Service Center

To-Do list

  • Employees can view all their To-Do list in the Employee Service Center
  • They can approve or reject the request with comments from the Employee portal
  • All the completed activity will be displayed as history in the To-Do list

Employee Service Center

My Org Chart

  • The ESC portal provides the My Org Chart using which we can find our hierarchy
  • The My Org Char provides the option to find the hierarchy for the co-employee as well by selecting the name in the lookup search box.
  • The My Org Char provides hierarchy with the basic details like
    • Name
    • Department
    • Email id

Employee Service Center

Benefits: –

While each departments within you enterprise has their own way of providing service, often times employees get lost in the way to finding what they want. That’s when ESC comes into play; it acts as a single tailored entry for all such needs across all departments. It helps in

  • Automating the process and hide the complexities that employees face in completing tasks across the organization
  • Improving employee experiences by allowing them to
    • Create case from ESC portal using the catalogue
    • Create case from ESC portal using the chat
    • Approve or reject their request using the ESC portal
    • Update the comments or change the status from the ESC portal
  • Reducing caseloads and requests
    • Before creating the HR case, employee can get solution for the tries queries using the knowledge article by which creating HR case will be reduced
    • Employee Service Center provides better experiences to resolve most of the employee queries.
  • Communicating easily and proactively by chatting with HR directly using the HR case or through e-mails or notifications through target campaign tied to service experience
  • Using Knowledge Article which is related to the basic employee query. For example, articles on
    • Payroll
    • Travel and Expense Policy
    • Tuition Reimbursement Policy
    • Vacation / Sick Leave Policy
    • Required Compliance Training Courses
  • Getting the latest update as announcement provided by the HR team

By using the Employee Service Center, organizations can get all custom HR services with user friendly interfaces by making use of the ServiceNow Platform.

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