Now create gives partners a framework for delivering successful projects based on ServiceNow’s past methodologies compiled as a best practice to leverage and utilize them for a project. It is an unequivocal and definite work breakdown structure for easy project management and smooth delivery of projects.

What does it give?

 These methodologies are available to partners in the form of success packs containing numerous modules following a hybrid waterfall-agile model, which in turn helps you deliver the project in a more convenient way rather than the traditional approach.

What’s more in the store?

 Assets for success packs- you don’t have to worry if you land in a middle of the desert, these assets will save your day which holds multiple resources, giving insights on your implementation to leverage it into a successful execution, furthermore avoiding the exercise of creating templates saves time and ensures that the project is following right track at the right time. Also, it

  • Specifies the exact role with their responsibilities, defines activities and skills involved in the respective role
  • Aids in search for execution methodologies for implementation, upgrade, enhancement, and optimization for projects.
  • Minimizes the risk of execution while increasing the caliber of successful delivery

As a ServiceNow partner, we not only help you create and implement faster workflow but also improve quality for successful project delivery with Now Create.

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