In today’s customer-centric business landscape, delivering exceptional customer service and efficient incident management are paramount. The integration of Contact Center with Cisco Webex ServiceNow brings together powerful communication and collaboration capabilities with comprehensive service management functionalities. This blog highlights the benefits and features of integrating Cisco Webex Contact Center, a leading cloud-based contact center solution, with ServiceNow, a widely adopted service management platform. By seamlessly connecting these two platforms, organizations can enhance customer service delivery, streamline incident management processes, and optimize agent productivity. The abstract explores key advantages such as real-time data synchronization, unified agent experiences, automated ticket creation, and enhanced reporting and analytics. With the Cisco Webex Contact Center and ServiceNow integration, businesses can leverage advanced customer engagement tools while effectively managing and resolving customer issues through a centralized service management system. This blog underscores the value of this integration in driving customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and collaboration between contact center agents and service management teams.

Introduction To Cisco Webex Contact Center:

Cisco Webex Contact Center is a cloud-based contact center solution provided by Cisco Systems. It enables organizations to deliver exceptional customer service experiences through multiple communication channels, such as voice, email, web chat, and social media. Webex Contact Center offers a range of features and capabilities to support efficient customer interactions and agent productivity.

Features Of Cisco Webex Contact Center:

  • Omnichannel Routing: Webex Contact Center allows businesses to route customer interactions across various channels, ensuring a seamless and consistent experience regardless of the chosen communication method.
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD): The ACD functionality intelligently distributes incoming calls to available agents based on predefined rules, such as agent skills, availability, and customer segmentation.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR): IVR enables customers to interact with a menu system using their telephone keypad or voice commands, allowing them to self-serve or be directed to the appropriate agent or department.
  • Real-time Reporting and Analytics: Webex Contact Center provides real-time insights into contact center performance, agent productivity, and customer experience through comprehensive reporting and analytics dashboards.
  • CRM Integration: Integration with customer relationship management (CRM) platforms allows agents to access customer information and interaction history, enabling personalized and contextualized interactions.
  • Quality Monitoring and Recording: The solution offers features to monitor agent interactions, including call recording, call scoring, and coaching capabilities to enhance agent performance and compliance.
CISCO Webex ServiceNow

 Benefit Of Integrating Cisco Webex Contact Center With ServiceNow:

  • Streamlined Incident Management: With the integration, incidents generated in Cisco Webex Contact Center, such as customer complaints or service disruptions, can be automatically synchronized with ServiceNow’s incident management module. This ensures a centralized system for tracking, managing, and resolving incidents efficiently.
  • Enhanced Ticketing and Case Management: Integrating Webex Contact Center with ServiceNow enables seamless ticket creation and case management. When a customer interacts with the contact center, a ticket can be automatically generated in ServiceNow, capturing all the relevant information. This integration streamlines the process of tracking and resolving customer issues, improving response times and customer satisfaction.
  • Unified Customer Data: Integrating customer data between Webex Contact Center and ServiceNow provides a holistic view of customer interactions and history. Agents can access customer information from ServiceNow directly within the contact center application, enabling personalized and context-aware customer interactions. This unified data also helps in generating comprehensive reports and analytics on customer interactions and service performance.
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) Management: By integrating Webex Contact Center with ServiceNow, organizations can align contact center operations with predefined SLAs and service contracts. ServiceNow’s SLA management module enables tracking and monitoring of SLA compliance, ensuring that customer service targets are met consistently.
  • End-to-End Service Visibility: The integration provides end-to-end visibility into the customer service journey. From the initial contact in the contact center to the resolution of the issue in ServiceNow, organizations can track and analyze the entire customer service lifecycle. This visibility helps in identifying bottlenecks, optimizing processes, and continuously improving the customer experience.


Overall, integrating Cisco Webex Contact Center with ServiceNow allows organizations to streamline their customer service operations, improve collaboration, and enhance the overall customer experience. It enables organizations to leverage the strengths of both platforms and create a unified and efficient customer service ecosystem.