“As per PwC-CII survey, about 34% of IT users are planning to avail platform BPO services for benefits like operational efficiency and process standardization ensuring better quality”

 BPO industry has gone through multiple phases from its start & face more and more challenges every day. Few of them include:

  • Whether BPOs work with client applications or use home-grown applications to service their customers, they are needed to build applications/tools to automate certain processes to achieve operational efficiencies. With the increasing no. of customers, BPOs end up with such multiple applications/tools for each enterprise leading to same set of people working on multiple technologies.
  • Absence of a scalable development architecture & environment, forces developers to duplicate the efforts of customizing the applications for different enterprises, resulting in varied versions of their basic applications.
  • Multiple versions of each application results in huge inefficiency, cost over-run on application management, slower response to business/customer needs
  • Have challenges in deploying such applications for customers and kick-off new projects in short span of time

Aspire’s SaaS & BPO consultant, Janaki Jayachandran has written a whitepaper on Platform Approach for BPOs which considers all the challenges highlighted above and the effective way to overcome them using a platform approach. He has also highlighted the building blocks of platform like multi-tenancy, customization, security etc & the advantages of having a platform viz. End-to-end process standardization, Reduced Implementation time, pre-configured platform, economies of scale, transaction based pricing etc.

You can download this whitepaper on Platform Approach for BPOs here. Please feel free to Email me for any questions.