The flight has taken off from New York and has landed in Orlando. Orlando, the city beautiful, is not a bad city to be named after a ServiceNow release. In New York release, ServiceNow emphasized on the Now Mobile application and its varied features like guided app creator and Integration hub. ServiceNow in Orlando release has taken the leap of AI and analytics. With such a leap, this release is going to help people work smarter and make informed business decisions. Let us now dive into the highlights to help us understand ServiceNow Orlando release better.

1. Now Intelligence

The AI engine in the Now intelligence help predict issues and automates action through analytics which in-turn improves speed and efficiency of incident or problem cycle. Further, metrics and visualizations generated through this feature helps enterprises take better informed decision. The analytics in Now Intelligence answers the questions asked by employees in natural language but with a limited access

2. Swipe of your thumb

Now Mobile application, a highlight feature in New York release is now further enhanced by increased efficiency of on the go work, mobile dashboards and powerful new workspaces supercharge agents with everything at your fingertips.

3. Virtual agent Notifications

This delivers real time updates to the employees and can pro-actively send information or request attention in Microsoft teams or Slack for critical decisions.

4. Predictive Intelligence enhancements

Predictive Intelligence as we know is an AI/ML based request processor, which reduces the error rates and decreases the time to resolution. The enhancements are an out-of-the-box machine learning which help automatically cluster groups to quickly understand what each group of record represents. These enhancements also help in improving the outcomes in the search results.  Further, this release supports TF-IDF (term frequency-Inverse document frequency) based classification in addition to existing word embedding based classification. The TF-IDF based classification would fasten the resolving time of the requests.

5. Now Platform CI/CD

Developers can now leverage the Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment and innovate with agility to meet the demands of the current users. This also helps to scale-up with growing complexity of business objectives and KPIs.

6. Mobile enhancements

Users can now personalize mobile applications for your enterprises, secure official data on personal devices, choose to grant application access to the data and use mobile analytics to learn user behavior. Such mobile enhancements also pave way to simplify everyday mobile experiences.

7. Common service data model 2.0

The data from the CMDB is converged at one place to integrate your data with CMDB data and deliver prescriptive guidance for CMDB class and relationship models. Further, this enhancement allows users to accelerate third-party data integration and improves the data quality in CMDB.

8. Virtual agent chatbots for GRC

Chatbots let users monitor requests from Service Portals. The questions are identified and responses are quickly delivered. These chatbots also have the ability to select an intelligent assistant directly from the service portal. Further, ServiceNow Orlando release performs both quantitative and qualitative advance risk assessments.

9. HR Service Delivery

The employee workflow distributes timely information within the right channel and answer questions quickly with a context-aware virtual agent on every screen. The enhancements include Employee friendly view and labels to see upcoming tasks and activities and ability to sequence activities in an activity set with an option for dependencies. Further, automation of OKTA assignments with configurable rules is possible now and would be able to configure role-based entitlement to OKTA access.

10. Easy Upgrade

Automated Test Framework enhancements allows faster upgrade by automating the manual tests. The also comes with a Personalized Product Release Notes for Cross Family Upgrades. The HI Upgrade Wizard and HI Upgrade Assist, reduces time to upgrade with step-by-step guidance and assist customers on the right upgrade path using easy to follow navigation.

So, that sums up ServiceNow Orlando release. We can say that Orlando release has taken great leap ahead of previous releases, London and New York, by incorporating AI and ML feature and enhancing the user experience for ServiceNow users. You might also be interested in webinar on expert analysis on New York release which can help you compare features of Orlando release with New York release.


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Ramji Yagnashankar