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A McKinsey online survey conducted of more than 3,000 individual policy holders across Europe in October 2019 showed 38% of them preferred to buy their life insurance digitally. The same survey conducted after the first few weeks of lockdown, in April 2020, saw this per cent increase to 54%. If this isn’t a clear indicator of how the pandemic has fast-tracked the digitization of the insurance industry, we’re not sure what will be.

Legacy insurers are investing heavily in digitizing their customer journeys and business processes, and many digital-first insurers, or insurtech strong players, have entered the market too.

But what exactly is at the forefront of this fast digitization and more importantly, what’s the road ahead filled with for the insurance industry?

At the forefront of the insurtech revolution now is artificial intelligence. From insurance customer experiences to business output, AI has a multitude of applications across the various insurance segments. This very nature of AI is what is shifting the insurance industry from a demand-based model to a more predictable and preventable model of business. Insurers have to equip themselves to adapt and thrive in this changing landscape. An in-depth understanding of the ways in which AI can influence and impact the best Insurance technology platform or business is needed. This will give the insurers insights on how they can  wield it effectively for business gain and build a future roadmap.

While there’s many a word of the wise on how insurance businesses can adopt AI, few go a step further and dissect the impact of the AI tools and help optimize it. Important questions that arise while adopting such emerging technology often go unanswered, stunting the tech growth of the most eager insurers.

If you are one such insurer curious about AI and how it can pair harmoniously with your insurance business, this webinar:

A joint effort by Aspire Systems and Aite Novarica, the session on September 14th, 10am PST, will have experts discuss the latest trends in various insurance segments, AI & how it is being adapted by insurers across the globe, use of AI in claims management solutions, streamlining underwriting process with AI tools. It will also give insights on the priorities insurers have set for themselves. The webinar will also teach you to use data and AI to determine the best actions along insurance customer journeys with new-age tech.AI in insurance: Experts answer questions about the changing insurtech landscape.

Key takeaways

  • Obstacles and challenges facing insurers in today’s digital environment
  • If AI is a tech disruption or evolution to the insurance customer journey
  • How to measure success using AI for CX
  • How AI enhances operation excellence, in turn improving insurance customer experience
  • Real case scenarios about insurers optimizing Cx experiences with new-age tech

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