Guidewire InsuranceSuite™ is a comprehensive set of core systems and modules and an insurance platform offering business-critical digital systems and analytical capabilities. The technology-intense platform empowers the various aspects of the Insurance industry, including sales, services, and underwriting. With the insurance industry undergoing drastic changes in the wake of the pandemic, the insurance industry needs an advanced technology platform that can be leveraged for optimum productivity.

Guidewire InsuranceSuite offers an end-to-end process covering claims, policies, and billing – ClaimCenter, PolicyCenter, and BillingCenter. The platform further offers digital solutions and embedded analytics.

Insurance companies can leverage all the tools and technology driven by Guidewire’s cloud-native services. They can increase their product offerings with the Product Designer from conceptualizing to product creation. Digital Auto-generation takes it further and creates a digital experience for each product. The whole process happens quickly, making your products faster to market. In today’s customer-centric world, the customer’s digital experience is paramount.

The Guidewire platform is focused on driving superior digital insurance customer experience. The products and business processes enable better customer engagement and stakeholder engagement through preferred communication channels across claims, sales, and service. These experiences can be further enhanced through integrated analytics. Guidewire’s customization feature helps personalize products, creating differentiated offerings.

Guidewire InsuranceSuite comes embedded with actionable insights. The Guidewire data platform is P&C-specific, and the data factory continuously collects data from all sources and sends it across the insurance lifecycle. The other features included in the Guidewire InsuranceSuite include:

  • Guidewire Explore collects and curates real-time data to help monitor business performance.
  • Guidewire Compare helps compare competitor insurer benchmarks for the ClaimCenter users.
  • Guidewire Predictive Analytics has a P&C-specific ML platform for higher underwriting profitability and optimized claims.
  • Cyence Risk Insights Starter Kit, an on-demand risk assessment tool for PolicyCenter users to take advantage of the predictive data and improve their underwriting outcomes. It also opens up new growth opportunities.

Clearly, the Guidewire cloud platform is not an option but an imperative for insurance companies. Moving to the cloud cuts costs and increases profitability while providing agility, flexibility, and scalability. You also get several benefits from Guidewire’s SaaS offerings:

  • Simplified workflows and adaptability to software upgrades
  • Accelerated time-to-market
  • Integration with various value-add applications in the insurance ecosystem
  • Enhanced user experience.

How does Guidewire elevate customer experience?

Today’s customers expect more than a transactional relationship with their insurers. Let’s see what customers really expect:

  • Clear and prompt communication
  • Instant response
  • Personalized experience
  • Proactive alerts on potential problems

Insurance companies have recognized these evolving customer expectations and prioritize CX as an integral part of their digital transformation. It is the only way to ensure customer retention and improve the insurance lifecycle. Therefore, bringing in a team with expertise in the digital transformation of the insurance value chain is a given.

How Aspire’s in-house tools can empower insurers

Aspire Systems is uniquely placed on empowering insurers, intermediaries, and InsureTechs, across the globe. Their solutions encompass P&C, Life & Health, and Employee Benefits insurance from conceptualization to implementation, deployment, and support. As Guidewire’s Consulting Select Partner, Aspire provides deep product experience through certified professionals to take insurers through the Guidewire journey. Their offerings include:

  • Self-service portals
  • Automation of underwriting and policy administration
  • Insurance claims management
  • Data and analytics
  • Accounts & Billing management
  • Insurance application testing
  • Automation with RPA
  • Connected insurance

Aspire Systems helps insurers with a Guidewire platform that is customer-centric and self-service driven. It enables automated underwriting and claims processing and offers AI-based risk analysis for higher ROI.


The Aspire Connected Insurance Accelerator (ACIA) is specially designed and developed for a smooth and seamless digital transformation for insurers worldwide. Its low-code platform can ensure a turnaround in 60 days through third-party integrations to empower the insurer and their customers. By addressing the common challenges like onboarding, analyzing, and connecting with a partner ecosystem, Aspire’s ACIA has automation running through all the necessary processes, including onboarding and underwriting, instant online quote generation with chatbots, and voice bots, and automated approvals.


Aspire’s InsurEdge is a customizable solution platform with ready-to-use modules and APIs for easy integrations with partners and third-party systems. The modules also have in-built connectors and can be deployed on the cloud, making them immensely scalable. Keeping CX firmly front and center, InsurEdge has a user-friendly interface with drag & drop components.

Benefits from Aspire Systems’ cutting-edge solutions

  • Data processing in a few seconds to enable real-time decision making
  • Improve the efficiency of service delivery by 50%
  • Pre-built components to launch new products quickly
  • Enhanced productivity and customer satisfaction.
  • Guaranteed high ROI

Aspire’s Insurance consulting services are designed and built from solid domain experience to ensure reduced TCO and increased ROI. Digital innovation and transformation have never been easier for the insurance industry.

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