With the insurance industry undergoing rapid digital transformation, insurance companies need to innovate to retain a competitive advantage. Guidewire testing services play a significant role in test automation and understand that manual testing costs can be prohibitive.  High costs and delayed processes can be hard to swallow when you’re trying to meet deadlines and keep costs down. However, using automated testing services can reduce costs and increase efficiency. Automation lets you focus on what matters most, which is your product and its users, instead of wasting valuable time on manual processes that slow down your workflow and waste your resources.

By automating your tests, you can increase your team’s efficiency and reduce costs by up to 70 percent. Not only will automation help you improve your product quality, but it will also make it easier for you to get customer feedback. Since automated tests are repeatable, they can be run repeatedly without causing any errors or requiring extra human
intervention. This means that users can now run tests themselves without being slowed down by waiting for results from manual testers; this will allow them more time for other tasks such as marketing campaigns or developing new features for their software products.

There are a few steps to Guidewire testing, and they start with identifying challenges, managing the test environment, and executing tests to ensure robust product delivery, reduced costs, and increased productivity.

Identify test challenges

Guidewire provides a comprehensive InsuranceSuite that helps to accelerate initial code development. It may also come with a few challenges in the testing phase with a lack of know-how in QA practices, frequent upgrades, delayed execution of tests, and a lack of requirements documents, functional and non-functional. Implementation is only the first stage and must be followed with testing and integration.

If you’re trying to improve the efficiency of your test practices, Guidewire testing services can help simplify test automation processes to reduce costs and speed up delivery.

Manage your test environment

When conducting Guidewire automated testing, you may be loading data to assess the performance of specific policies, which can be time-consuming and delay your ability to react to internal requests. Efficient testing requires you to generate and load test data into your Guidewire applications quickly. If you have the correct data you can perform more effective testing and validation through the API layer with responses coming back from Guidewire without relying on your browser’s user interface.

When you use the API sandbox for your Guidewire application, you get data from other enterprise systems such as SalesForce. It introduces complexities and constraints within your test environments. API sandbox, or service virtualization, can reduce or even remove these constraints by decoupling the tests from the backend systems and providing the team with ultimate control of their test environment.

Perform hyper-testing

Guidewire testing services incorporate hyper-testing for better results. Hyper-testing is a comprehensive approach to testing that executes a multi-layered test strategy designed to be agile. It covers end-to-end testing of all application layers and non-functional requirements by leveraging the best tools available, yielding results that offer the best ROI.

Significant benefits of hyper-testing include the following.

  • It covers several tools and processes for functional and non-functional testing, allowing it to integrate three key dimensions.
  • It uses a shift-left approach that focuses on all layers of your product or application.
  • It provides test automation that allows a CI/CD pipeline for your software delivery.
  • It is a comprehensive and agile testing approach that you can use to re-engineer your testing processes.

InsuranceSuite-specific testing

Guidewire testing services are designed for the insurance industry solutions. It includes functional testing and system-integrated testing, user acceptance testing, digital testing, device testing, test automation, and performance testing. The unique AFTA framework will accelerate test automation development and make maintenance easier. It integrates with other cloud platforms for test execution and uses a mix of open-source tools. This allows you to use this unique framework as a one-stop solution for all your testing needs and assess your application’s performance. The convenience of meeting all of your testing and performance needs in one place offers a significantly higher ROI compared to others testing services. For instance:

Reusable tests

Test automation offers the advantage of reusing tests. Reusability increases profitability and efficiency across the product life cycle. With every new test and discovery of bugs, the test directory gets upgraded and market-ready. The test automation framework thus minimizes costs and improves ROI.

Platform stability

Test automation frameworks offer a consistent platform for various testing needs and reduce monotony caused by repetitive and mundane tests. Regression tests check whether existing functionalities are suitable for the newest versions when new development happens with your software. Guidewire testing services offer a stable environment for your testing needs, greatly improving efficiency.

Flexibility in test automation

Test automation can act as a core component for further testing requirements. Guidewire testing is designed to provide flexibility with several customizations available. They also comply with the latest security and testing protocols, making the overall test framework resourceful for the long term.

Testing in a simulated environment

Guidewire testing services can simulate a typical user environment. It makes it easier to confirm the validity of your testing before your final product is deployed. For example, graphic user interfaces (GUIs) are notoriously difficult to test. With simulation, you can create mock-ups of user-driven environments and check for issues in real-time.

The Guidewire testing framework enables Behavior Driven Development (BDD) and simplifies the testing process on the Guidewire cloud.


Automated testing is the most effective way to reduce the cost of testing, improve quality, and increase test coverage. Guidewire’s automated testing services help you achieve all these benefits and more. With extensive experience in test automation, Guidewire provides the right tools and processes to help you maximize your time and effort while ensuring high-quality results. They have the expertise and knowledge to help you build a framework that will make testing more efficient, effective, and profitable. Using AFTA and the team of experts in Guidewire testing can achieve a significantly higher ROI with test automation.

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