Owing to the existing pandemic, most of the organizations are shut down and many industry leaders have their teamwork remotely to deliver their products/software seamlessly. However, the biggest challenges the product leadership face today is the need to swiftly act to meet new business priorities and become more dynamic at the rapidly evolving market conditions.

In the current state of affairs, many organizations are under pressure to cut down costs wherever possible.  If you aim to reduce your software testing costs, then scaling test automation will be the right choice.

The fastest way to achieve cost reduction in software testing would be to implement a sound test automation strategy that is capable of enhancing the bottom line and increasing time to market while generating high-quality results using customized, relevant, and reliable automation solutions. A promising testing strategy when accompanied by a robust test automation framework can reduce the testing efforts by at least 40% – one of the Aspire’s customers reported annual savings of $950,000 when compared to the cost of testing done manually in-house.

Here is how you can reduce software testing costs by implementing automation in just 6 weeks! 

test automation

In the world of software testing, Test Automation is steadily becoming the choice-of-process for companies since automation allows them to be resourceful and agile. By using the right tools and framework you can start with automating at least a significant portion of your testing practice.

Whether you are kick-starting your automation journey or looking to scale up existing automation, a comprehensive transformation approach is the need of the hour. Aspire’s automation approach has been carefully crafted by experienced testing professionals to help any organization that builds or reinvents its automation testing core in a matter of 6 weeks. Regardless of the organization’s testing background, Aspire’s testing experts can create a solid automation testing roadmap.


Benefits you gain

The above automation approach will pave way for implementing a sound test automation strategy that is capable of improving the bottom line and accelerating time to market while generating high-quality results using personalized, relevant, and reliable automation solutions.

Hyper-Testing, an Agile Testing Strategy

Aspire Systems has developed a Quality Engineering approach called Hyper-Testing,  a distinctive methodology to re-engineer the testing process with a strategic concept that ensures the enhanced performance of the current software products. The unique testing strategy addresses testing issues from all the 3 dimensions, like processes, practices, and tools, and reusable assets to drive agile testing at greater speed and minimal costs.

AI-Powered Test Automation Framework, AFTA 3.0

AFTA 3.0 is a home-grown test automation framework integrated with AI components and offers intrusive testing in the shortest possible time. AFTA 3.0 comes with this feature thus enabling seamless QA.  AI/ML-based analytics improves productivity to a greater extent and reduces automation efforts by 40%.

The above-mentioned solution has enabled many of our customers to break through the barriers experienced with conventional methods of testing. It has helped in consistently delivering quality products within shorter timelines while optimizing costs and efforts simultaneously. Overall, Hyper-Testing ensures the seamless functioning of various enterprise-level software applications that are robust and secure that can deliver the desired performance and expected convergence.

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