Insurance businesses around the world are undergoing extensive technological transformation to improve their business performance and outcomes with robust software systems.

Delivering a well-built insurance app is only the nascent stage of the software development life cycle (SDLC). Maintaining the performance of your software, gathering the right metrics that aid effective insurance domain testing, and keeping quality of the product top-notch is a mammoth task and could jeopardize your business if not done right.

Insurance companies are currently facing a fundamental challenge – running comprehensive, specialized performance tests – to ensure their applications operate efficiently and deliver an impeccable user experience.

The following are some of the areas where the development and testing teams often face issues while testing your insurance applications.

Speed: Testing the speed at which the insurance app responds

Scalability: Evaluating variation in response time as the load on the system varies

Reliability: Checking whether the app is reliable under prolonged periods of high user traffic

Stability: Assessing if the system is stable under heavy concurrent user load

Testing framework APTf 2.0 is a means for you to run thorough tests on your insurance applications to ensure your app delivers on all these fronts to ensure exemplary user experience. APTf 2.0 is cutting-edge automated performance testing framework which is exclusively designed to help your insurance business attain superior application performance.

Developed by Aspire’s testing experts, APTf 2.0 providescomprehensive test coverage of all performance parameters. APTf 2.0 can generate a significant percentage of cost

savings as it is integrated with CI/CD pipelines, with historic graphical representations, which can be shared with the team during or after the test run. The home-grown framework will also bring in a good reduction of testing efforts as it will minimize the time required once the initial set up is completed. A range of vital metrics are also available real-time for optimization through a live dashboard.

How APTf 2.0 can be a game changer:

  • End-to-end performance testing solution: This is an end-to-end performance testing solution covering all performance aspects and script development, running test, to analyzing the results
  • Wide range of protocol: It supports a wide range of protocol such as HTTP, HTML, mobile devices, web services.
  • Live metrics and interactive reports: You can view live metrics and interactive graphs during and after running the tests.
  • Front-end and back-end metrics insights: It provides an insight of both back-end and front-end performance metrics, which will be useful for analysis and debugging.
  • Real-time alerts: Alerts can be set based on the SLA. While running the tests, if the test results exceed the SLA, users will get a real-time alert via e-mail.
  • Realistic tests: Provides realistic results through simulating real-world conditions while executing the test.
  • Scalable load: Load can be scaled to a high number of concurrent users. APTf 2.0 can simulate load of tens of thousands of users to make sure your app’s reliable at high loads.